Charly Boy has reacted to President Buhari’s re-election. The singer and activist congratulated the President, but has taken his time to welcome Nigerians to what he calls,  “Next Level” of original suffer head.
The singer who reacted to the announcement which was made this morning by INEC, took on Instagram to post;

Oga Presido,
Like King Saul was to the Israelites, so you are to Nigeria. I  dey take style hail you, kai!!! Congratulations. 
I am not a fan but I dey give you accolades because you and your cabal brothers understands the Jungle politics of Nigeria. Over shap worry una because una know tey tey sey the people who cast the votes decides nothing but the people who count the votes decides everything. Una Well done.
Over to us Mumu Naija’s.
I know it’s beginning to dawn on fellow frustrated Nigerians that we are about to port to the “Next Level” of original suffer head. It was obvious to me since you clinched this power in 2015 there was going to be, no looking back, after all see how many times you tried. 
People shouting all over the place sey you rigg election, hummmm, can you imagine? Na today politrickcians begin rig? If PDP and APC Na d same of the same why didn’t dey outrig you. Na today wey free and fair elections die for dis country?

Abegi make we hear word. Mumu people, no be una been dey shout lesser evil, lesser evil. How can lesser defeat Bigger. Sai Baba, chop knuckles ??mumu Nigerians never know how far. Na now we go take suffer sow uniform. Welcome to second slavery. Nonsense!!!!