Blogger Blessing Okoro Insults And Blocks Fans Who Ask For Apology

Blessing OkoroBlessing Okoro doesn’t seem the least bit remorseful about the mansion of lies she has built, as she continues to churn out more lies.Just when we thought the saga between Ibo businessman, Onye Eze, and relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, had ended, the blogger came up with a new tactic to deceive people.
Blessing, in a video, explained that she was framed by the businessman and was never arrested. She said she made those pleas and admissions that the house belonged to the businessman at gunpoint. She said she was deceived and invited to the man's house when some armed men harassed her and told her to make a video begging the Ibo businessman, leaving her with no option. According to her, she was threatened that if she refused to beg she would be shot and her family members inclusive.
Those who know the blogger have revealed that she was still lying about the house and her cars. They claimed that Blessing had earlier in 2015 under the username of "Kinkygal" scammed young ladies of more than 1 million naira.
Fans who were hurt by the unrepentant attitude of the blogger took to her relationship site to demand an apology for deceiving them and leading others astray. Blessing in turn has taken to blocking many people and hurling insults at bloggers. She seems unrepentant, as she is still publicising her YouTube channel to tell her own side of the story.
What do you think about Blessing Okoro's saga?