CCTV captures moment handicapped man stormed bank to rob with gun

CCTV captures moment handicapped man stormed bank to rob with gun lailasnews 4A video of a handicapped man who stormed a bank to rob it with his gang members, have surfaced on the internet.
In the video the man and his gang members entered into the mini-bank just like every other customer and pretended as if they were in the premises to transact.The moment they stormed the bank premises, one of them stood at the door beside the guard, while waiting for the action by the handicapped man who appeared to be the leader.

The man initially took a seat and surveyed the environment before bringing out his gun to start the operation.The moment he raised the gun, the other members took position and the man walked into the cashier unit with another gang member.

The entire action was captured by the CCTV camera in which the glaring face of the man was captured.

See the video:
The video which has since been going viral on social media, drew a lot of reactions from users

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realofunwa: There is ability in every Disability..stay woke

domingo_loso:No try these ones o, na dem dey wicked pass, shoot first ask questions later, na their motto be that.

temmiey_Hiaaa.! Real professionals.!! Nobody would even suspect a thing , with their one leg

meek_mill_jr: Can you imagine that one with purple 👕 lipping like that. How long will it take for him to get tired of running? Mumu robbers