Drama As Man Presents Used Condom As Evidence Of Sister In-Law’s Adultery

A married woman from Gokwe became the face of shame and infidelity after a used condom and underwear were found in her bedroom hut.
Nyarai Chalisegela is married to Edward Ndlovu, an artisanal miner based in Zhombe.

Last weekend on Sunday around 7pm, Edward’s younger brother Inos allegedly spotted a man sneaking out of Edward’s bedroom.
He became suspicious and asked Chalisegela about the man but Nyarai professed ignorance and went into her bedroom as Inos followed and stumbled on a used condom as well as men’s briefs on the floor.
A source said Nyarai tried in vain to bribe Inos with a bucket of maize but was turned down.
Inos took the used condom and man’s underwear to Chief Njelele’s secretary Fanuel Mhike who confirmed the incident.
“We are dealing with a case where Edward Ndlovu’s younger brother Inos spotted a used condom on the couple’s bed and men’s underwear on the floor. Inos confiscated the evidence and gave it the Chief’s office. She tried to bribe him with a bucket of maize but he refused,” said Mhike.
Edward added: “When I came here during the weekend from Zhombe I could not find her. I heard she went to her parents. We are still waiting for her. I will know the position to take after we engage in discussions with her and her family and Chief Njelele.”
Nyarai said it was a half-truth.
“A used condom was found on my bed. I don’t know about the underwear. On the day in question I was not around I had gone to the farm,” she said.