Woman In Pastor Wilson Viral Video Revealed (Video)

Cussing' Pastor Thaddeus Matthews reacts to Pastor Wilson's leaked tapePastor Thaddeus Mathews revealed the identity of the woman in Pastor Wilson s3xtape video as the daughter of his wife’s best friend.
Pastor Wilson was accused of performing oral s3x acts on a woman who is not his wife after a s3xtape video was posted on social media, Pastor Thaddeus now claims that the woman in the video is the daughter of the accused pastor’s wife’s best friend.
Thaddeus made the revelation on his social media page with a video analyzing the act. He started off saying there is nothing wrong in what was done by Pastor Wilson because preachers also need to eat pussy and he finds nothing wrong in eat a clean one. He says eating a clean one is healthy.
Although, there are several other conversations around the act.
He says the woman being the daughter of his wife’s bestfriend somehow complicates things and men have to learn alot from the video.
Watch the video below.
The alleged s3xtape of Pastor David Wilson hit the web and immediately went viral and it showed him performing cunnilingus on a woman. He was criticized for committing adultery and using his “holy mouth” to perform such act.