After 15 Years Of Sex, I Finally Went For HIV Test First Time In My Entire Life

I'm going to make this as simple as possible
I've been knacking for over 15yrs (started from small) without going for a HIV test moreover i prefer to suddenly die from HIV than knowing I have it

So September I had a resistant malaria and severe stubborn typhoid that wouldn't stop that lasted till last week November, there was no rashes, cough, headache, whitish tongue, weight loss or appetite lost, it was mainly fever that won't stop after several injections,drips (infusion), and numerous tablets 

So I woke up one morning ad decided to go for HIV test after going for almost all the test that could lead to fever ( full blood count, infection, hepatitis b c, urine, typhoid and malaria, etc) all the 8times test I've done it's only malaria and typhoid that was present to an extent I believed it was spiritual

That faithful morning I rushed to a Lab at Isolo Lagos for HIV test, so the lab technician was just calming my nerves down keep telling me it's not a dead note after all over 8persons has been confirmed positive this week and they're currently on their meds, at this point i dropped a silent fart that almost killed me and this man with fowl smell, so I went outside made up my mind and came in to give in my blood, as soon as i gave my blood he told me to be patient for 20mins, 

That 20mins was the most miserable and terrifying shortest minutes of my life, I remembered every girl I've slept with and remembered my life as the only son, I rushed outside and smoked half packet of cigarettes with hot drink, 20mins later I went in to see, I was shaking and crying, I couldn't be patient enough for the man to come out of the lab so I burst in the lab, the man saw my face and smiled, he said he's already writing my result, I was so curious to see but at that time was monitoring this man face swings and countenance.

He gave me the result I couldn't open it, he asked me to open it, low and behold it was NEGATIVE 

He then directed me to a hospital for a proper malaria and typhoid treatment which they did another HIV test too but treated me the typhoid and malaria, I spent over four days at the hospital and was charged 54k, two days later the devilish fever stopped it's over ten days now I'm free from fever 

I've sworn never to fvck any woman on planet earth without condom, not even kiss or gold circle these two almost killed me they burst easily,I've ten packs of Fiesta and Durex 

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