My Friend's Father Is A Ghost!!

I went to secondary school with Eze. His father, Thaddeus, fought in the Biafra war. What we know about his father's wartime experience is that the war ended for Thaddeus when he was wounded in Onitsha in 1968. He came home.

Recently a man from Eze's father's village who had fought the war with Thaddeus told my friend's mother (on the phone) that actually Thaddeus died in the war. This man had fled to Gabon after the war. He'd just returned to the country.

Since the news broke, Thaddeus hasn't been seen. He'd been in the bathroom when my friend's mother took the call on the phone. After the call, my friend and his mother could hear the splash of water in the bathroom, but when they opened the door there was no one there!

What advice do you have for the family? I've never heard sh*t like this before!!

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