Mr Ola Temidayo

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They say age is nothing but a number while some people went further to add that age is not maturity because a fifty years old man can have a 10yrs old brain and vice versa.  Mr Ola Temidayo popularly known as Mr Body had demonstrated to the public that he is brainless and lacks the proper wisdom and maturity required of an adult-like him. You were given the position of Baba Ijo by Esabod to clean you up and redeem your already battered image which the omo aye's headed by Abike Jagaban destroyed but instead of you to be loyal, honest, and upright in discharging ur duties as baba ijo, you mismanaged the responsibilities given to you, you betrayed Esabod and the entire Ewenation that stood by you during ur crisis.
To cut a long story short, instead of you to have a sober reflection and ask for forgiveness, u decided to engage Esabod in a lost battle. if u dont know, let me cast ur mind back to the existence of Esabod on this Facebook fracas and ask you this question Has Esabod lost any known battle before? has Esabod enemies abike and co been able to bring down her business? if u want to be honest with yourself, I guess ur answers to this questions will be NO so why will your own be an exception especially u that is not vocal and hated by the majority of people in London. if u can see and apply wisdom, u will notice that majority of Esabod enemies later comes back to surrender to her. who are you Temidayo that want to start a war with Esabod? You better check yourself before u reck yourself temidayo. A wise man that have a business will withdraw because ur business and ur social life is at stake already. Now to ur updates, for how long have u been saying u will bring out the killers that work with Esabod and ur Mr dash dash dash as u call it. who or what is stopping you from revealing it. Esabod had dared you on several occasions, so what is stopping you? you jst come online every day and rant. i think u need to go for a mental evaluation because i can see that u are jst a self centered BASTARD 
FUCK OFF; Esabod still on the throne.
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