Embattled surgeon, Dr Anu’s certificate appears fake…(Exclusive details)

Coming after self-acclaimed plastic surgeon, Anuoluwapo Olufunmilayo Adefuwa popularly called Dr Anu, who owns a cosmetic surgery place in Lagos, Med Contour was arrested and released for several botched surgeries, she took to her Instagram page to share a video of her “certificates” she supposedly got from “American College of Surgeons”, certifying her as a plastic surgeon.
Sharing a video of the certificate which she has since deleted from her Instagram account, Anu is heard saying; “These are my personal information, however just to clear your doubts”

Some investigations were done on the authenticity of the certificate and found out that it appears FAKE!. Searching through the American College of Surgeons official websites using her full name as stated on the certificate she flaunted, the result returned nothing. See screenshot below…Anu was arrested for performing a botched surgery on a former beauty queen, Nneka who later died. See video of Anu performing the said surgery on Nneka below. Anu is seen playing loud music in the theatre and adorned in heavy eyelashes. Also, Anu’s Nurse is seen unkempt with tattered hair, administering drugs to the late patient who reportedly died out of infections she contracted.

This is a video of a supposed surgeon carrying out surgery With very loud music on and thick eye lashes. Her name is Dr Anu of Med contour. Her victim is Late Queen Nneka.
This is one of her nurses looking like a tomato seller attending to a patient who just underwent plastic surgery...

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