Esabod is your conscience: search it.

She came to facebook to expose infidelity in numerous homes, who doesn’t want a faithful marriage? Yes, she your conscience. She spoke out against Ajumobi heartless governance, who doesn’t know he was a radical politician? Beeni, conscience e ni.
She spoke about community leaders that are not acting well as middle-men between the poor masses and politicians. Ain’t we all craving for our voices to be heard? Oh yes, she’s our conscience.
She speaks about any wrongdoings, irrespective of your status or personal relationship with her. Don’t we all feel like calling out our evil friends atimes? She’s surely your conscience. During the process of cleaning the society and awakening our inner consciousness, she gathered so many enemies. They waged series of wars against her yet, she survived. She fought and conquered them all so they decided to use another weapon (court), but this same Jagunjagun efusetan walked majestically into the courtroom and defended herself. She diluted their plan (jail) and rendered it useless.
No, you do not deserve to rejoice, search your conscience and it wlll tell the truth. 
You could sense she was already planning to drop the current case but decided to press on because she could not keep quiet for a rag like Abike. Yes, she would rather keep quiet based on court order than to be gaged by a destitute. It has never happened and it will never happen. I am not sure whether the Oba is the one sending Abike out to speak on his behalf, in fact, I doubt he will want to do such thing. But whoever paying her to stop Esabod is a waste of money seasoned with dragging the kings name in the mud. In a nutshell, we are satisfied with the turn of event.
Esabod deserves all the accolades for continually defeating those elements that always gang up to bring her down. An old woman constantly faced with top politicians, rulers, bloggers, and the world, yet she’s still standing. Now she has released another lesson into the world. Stand up for your right and do not feel threatened by the rich, the court is there to vindicate you.
Esamoney on the throne 💪💪💪💪