'All Hell Breaks Loose As Juliana Olayode And Her Spiritual Father, Pastor Timi Adigun Tackle Each Other In Public…Fans Suspect ‘Sexual Affair’ Gone Wrong


Actress Juliana Olayode and Pastor Timi Adigun have sparked reactions on social media after they both tackled each other on Instagram today, January 25, 2022.

It all started when Juliana took to her Instagram page to call out man of God, Timi Adigun over passwords and also asking him to leave her alone.

Apparently, the actress and Adigun have been at loggerheads over the years and in a new video she called on him to release passwords to her social media pages while equally narrating her horrible experience with Adigun when she approached him for the passwords.

The actress made it clear that she’s exhausted and doesn’t want anyone calling or texting her on the right steps to handle the matter Your support matters.

“I know some people are going to call me and say all sort but I AM TIRED!!! To some people, this might be a wrong move, and some might prefer I stay quite but I am honestly TIRED!!!! And I am not going to shut up. I DON’T KNOW WHAT Timilehin Adigun wants from me, I really don’t know. There is so much I want to say but I don’t even have the words to express it. I also know that people are going to have different opinion about it. Right now, I don’t want anybody calling me or texting me to tell me how to go about my life, what to say or what not to say, what to do or what not to do, nobody should tell me what the spirit is saying to them or tell me to think about the church and the body of Christ. I don’t want to hear any of it.

I don’t understand why I am having to pay or stress to get my stuff from a guy who is sitting in his mother’s school doing nothing.

I just want my passwords for goodness sake and I want Timilehin Adigun to leave me alone!” Juliana cried out.

She further accused him of walking her out of his church and screaming on her last Sunday when she went to him to request for her passwords.

Watch Juliana’s video below:

And in a swift response via a video on his Instagram page, Pastor Adigun expressed how disappointed he was with Juliana for calling him by his name despite being a ‘dad’ to her.

While further speaking he hinted on how he had to apologize to her and even her mum, as a result of the “mistakes” he made with her in 2020.

He said “I managed you like a dad will do his daughter….I do not have your passwords……i changed it one day in anger to your boyfriend’s name which you are aware of….when you walked out on me and the church and mama in 2020, I expected you to come back but you didn’t…you walked away from us in July 2020 from me and mama who loved and raised you, due to some mistakes i made with you which you forgave me for, which your mama also forgave me for….
you are my daughter, i know secrets about you that the world doesn’t know but i won’t do that, telling the world about your flaws….you blocked me everywhere so i unpublished your Facebook page for you to calm down and get over your issues with me… but i did not delete, why will i destroy something I built…..

You walked into my church uninvited on Sunday after one and a half years, and i told the person i was talking with to excuse us and you came with an entourage of sisters, and you my daughter, calls me by my name. i am sure mummy olayode will not be happy you did that…and you can not come to my zone and insult me and call me by my name….so that was why I told the security to walk you and your sisters out….Juliana i served you without taxing you, mama served you, it is really a shame that you did this….”

Watch his videos below:

The confessions from Juliana and Pator Timi Adigun have now confused fans as many insist, there is more to what they are telling the world.

One Chichi wrote “As a pastor @timiadigun do you have so much time to be managing her social media accounts??
This story is not just adding up first of all what caused the separation, why are you both hiding the main cause of the separation
Secondly as a pastor the moment you apologize to your congregation and to the public, you ought to have given her access to her page, as a man of God, why hold on to it and unpublished it waiting for her to come back ??

Ask her to create a new account unlink your self from her page, let her link it to her own account. Simple.. you people should come out with the real story”

One Dasliva wrote “something fishy,when you are ready to tell us the true story…you will face the camera properly n communicate”

One Munnah wrote “Same pastor that was sexually harrassing the teenagers in his church with the help of his wife! @olayodejuliana you deserve everything he did to you and more! You guys won’t stay away from such people until you become victims of their madness then you come to SM to disturb”

One Lolu wrote “First of all, if there wasnt any sexual relationship between them, this pastor wouldn’t do all he claims he did for her for free, this is just a case of sexual affair gone wrong. Also, she would never have the audacity to address him by his name if truly he is a father figure to her and with no sexual relationship involved. I remember her birthday to him sometime ago when she kept declaring how much she loved him…now it has turn to another story bah. They got caught, owned up to his wife, her mum and things weren’t the same anymore. They should give us the full gist and stop beating around the bush with password, no password”

Esabod Global recalls that the popular pastor of MINE Teens Ministry, Timi Adigun in 2020 released an apology and confessed on how he was involved in “inappropriate behavior with females” of his ministry.

He said, “I have apologised several times to ALL the ladies involved and also apologised to some’s family members. The final apology came in September when I sent voice note apologies to ALL OF THEM for taking advantage of their trust in me and they all, at different times, accepted my apology.

“This call out was more from ministry leaders who had had clashes with me at different times and used the occasion of this knowledge to get back at me, hence the use of the ministry’s Twitter Handle.

“Once again, I AM SO SORRY FOR MY WRONGS. I am 100% open and faithful to my wife now and I know deep within that I have repented. Please give me an opportunity to prove so. And yes, I still believe in sexual purity and I hope to be a worthy example, again, soon enough.

“To MINE Family members across the world, I AM SORRY. To the Christian Community, globally, I AM SORRY. To people of other faiths, I AM SORRY. To Nigerians, I AM SORRY. Please forgive me! Please find it in your hearts to do.”

This comes after he was accused of sexually molesting a number of the teenagers in his care.

It was claimed on popular micro blogging platform, Twitter that Adigun, who is the leader of The Ark Church, was involved in inappropriate sexual acts with his female teenage members for years.

The teenage ministry, an offshoot of his church, encourages sexual purity and even has a yearly “virginity day”.

However, while teaching them about sexual purity, he was not living up to his teachings.

The married pastor was also accused of molesting those who lived with him for over 5 years.

They claimed that he started the “Father Me” series where he encouraged people to submit to fatherhood, only for him to use the opportunity to allegedly molest those girls who took him as a father.

His female victims are reportedly “extremely hurt and broken”.

When his action was made public and members started demanding an answer, he reportedly closed The Ark Church and moved elsewhere to open another church.

Mine Teenage Ministry made these accusations on Twitter via its official Twitter handle then claimed that his wife, Timilehin Adigun was aware of his actions and was “complicit”.

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