Funsho, Mercy Aigbe’s New Husband’s Ex Wife Was Aware He Was Taking A New Wife


New reports have revealed that Funsho, Mercy Aigbe’s new husband’s ex wife was aware he was taking a new wife.

According to what Angela Tolulade , a United States of America-based woman, who claimed to be a family friend to the Adeotis told Punch Beats that Adekaz and Juwon were not on good terms before Aigbe came into the picture.

She also further revealed that Funsho was told about Adekaz marrying Mercy Aigbe and all due process was followed.
She said, “Adekaz and Funsho got married 20 years ago in the US. A licensed mortgage broker, Adekaz relocated to Nigeria to start a movie production business.

“He came to Nigeria with Funsho, who later went back to the US, saying she did not want to stay in Nigeria. The marriage was on until Funsho refused to come over and her husband kept pushing for her to be around. It is important to note that this matter had dragged on for almost two years. He (Adekaz) told her (Funsho) point blank that he would marry another wife if she did not return as agreed.”

Tolulade also insisted that Adekaz never shirked his responsibility to their three children. She said, “Till date, Adekaz still carries out his duties as a father. He pays the school fees of the children and foots their other bills. Funsho cannot say he neglected her because she was the one adamant about not returning to Nigeria.”

Speaking further, the family friend stated that despite pressure from her husband, Funsho refused to relocate to Nigeria.

She added, “It is on record that Funsho bluntly told Adekaz that she would not return to Nigeria because she can’t live in Nigeria anymore. She told him that if he chooses to marry another wife in Nigeria, he can go ahead but once he does that, it would be over between them.
“She gave her husband an ultimatum to choose between coming back to the US or staying back in Nigeria, marry another wife and everyone would go their separate ways. Funsho cannot deny not knowing that her husband was taking another wife as she was fully informed.
“If Funsho wanted her marriage to work, she would have returned many years ago. But she stayed put in Minnesota. Their first child is in a private university in the US, and Adekaz pays her fees. Their other kids are also not abandoned. Meanwhile, Adekaz is a Muslim and he has the right to marry more than one wife.”