‘I Felt Like A Loser, Failure, Depressed And Confused On This year ’ Actress Iyabo Ojo Reveals


Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has reminisced on her journey into single motherhood as she shares a throwback photo of herself and her children.

In the post shared on her Instagram page, Iyabo Ojo said she began her journey as a single mother with no direction, afraid, confused, depressed, and had lots of anxiety.

Iyabo Ojo said she felt like a failure, a loser, wasn’t good enough and didn’t even know how to fit in or start her life.

According to Iyabo Ojo, her ultimate goal was making sure her kids were okay, and she’s thankful to God for how far she has come in life.

In her words: This year i began my journey as a single mum with no direction… i was afraid, sometimes depressed, confused, i always had alot of anxiety

I felt like a failure, a loser, i felt i wasn’t good enough, i felt little, i didn’t really know how to fit in or even start,…… how was i even going to pull through,?

I never thought of me making it in life, i just wanted my kids to be fine, that was my ultimate goal….Today i look back & all i want to say is thank you Lord 

All i knew to do was to love my kids immensely and give them all of me & that inspired me to keep moving..

It’s never to late to start all over again…… it will be tough but you will be fine ..

Esabod Global News recalls Iyabo Ojo has said she will deal with anyone who violates her children.

The outspoken Ojo made the promise under the comment section of comedian Princess’ Instagram post.

 Princess had shared a video recording of a four-year-old girl who accused her teacher of sexually abusing her.

Infuriated by the alleged act, she wrote: “4-year-old survivor talks about how her teacher Mrs Ogar sexually abused her this traumatized me all over again #Abuseofminors have become the new trend in Nigeria & only few people are speaking up. Even the animal kingdom is not this bad.

Our society stigmatizes even threaten victims & their parents while the perpetrators like #Babaijesha walk freely. Heartless rape apologists like #Yomifabiyi insist on video evidence & promote #Childpornography (in their movies) while insensitive promotes same madness on their page for traction When will this madness stop?!!! our children are being destroyed daily & most people see it as cruise Awon oloriburuku gbogbo.”

“Can dey just legalize bcos some demons need to be taken out asap. fuck with my kids…. YOU’RE SO FUCKED,” she wrote.

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