'She Is An Agent Of Darkness', Reactions To The Owner Of Popular Bama Hotel Murdered By Wife In Sleep For Impregnating Side Chic


The wife of the owner of the popular Bama hotel and suites in Abule Egba, Lagos State has murdered him in his sleep.

Her reason? She found out that he impregnated his lover.

Bama , as he’s fondly called, just returned from an expensive vacation in Dubai along with her and their three kids.

They were married for 8 years.

The wife was said to have drugged him and when he slept off and lost all his senses, she plugged a pressing iron to the hottest and burnt him on several parts of his body until he died.

The action has spraked mixed reactions on social media.

One Ashe wrote “Sad, Wicked. Sheer over-reaction to an issue that could have been amicably resolved.”

One Yetunde wrote “She’s naturally evil, not just pepper body, her soul is evil and wicked, She’s an agent of darkness”

One Bukonla wrote “Wicked selfish woman. Now who is going to take care of your children?”

One Zachee wrote “Let her rot in jail. The family of the man should make sure she gets nothing.”

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