‘You Are Not Innocent Too’ Nigerians Attack Juliana Olayode After She Accused Pastor Timi Adigun Of Sexual Abuse


Nigerians have taken to social media to react after popular Jenifa’s diary star, Juliana Olayode, accused her former pastor of sexually abusing her sister and requesting for an@l s#x.

Esabod Global News earlier reported that Juliana made the revelations about her former manager and ‘spiritual father’ pastor Timi Adigun after previously calling him out for taking control of her Facebook and other social media accounts.

This comes after the initial tackling of each other on Instagram on Tuesday, February 25, 2022, many online users suspected and insisted there is more to what they are telling the world.

In a video she posted on her IG page this morning, Julianna addressed Pastor Timilehin’s claim that she came by his office and was shaking because she knew she had wronged him.

In the video she posted, Julianna clarified that she was shaking because she got to find out that Pastor Timilehin had invited her sister over from school, lodged her in a hotel, and was touching her inappropriately. She mentioned that Pastor Timilehin even asked her sister to allow him to perform oral s$x with her. She said this was what was making her shake and tremble in anger when she went to see him in his church.

She also asked him not to ever say that he raised her.

Reacting to her story,Nigerians accused her of having an affair with Timi.

One Mam_tobs wrote, “I’m sorry about your sister but I don’t think you’re innocent either. Many people including me thinks something happened between you and him. Maybe when he tried to get involved with her sister, that’s when your eyes began to open. When you were playing spiritual dad and daughter then, you didn’t need our opinion. Why drag us into it now?? Whatever is going on between you two, just know that this is the worst way to resolve it. Let’s just pray that your spiritual dad does not retaliate by spilling those secrets he said he knows about you oh. And if he does, we’re here for it”

One doctorbulls wrote, “Don’t touch my sister, hmmm… Had he touched you… I don’t like reading all these stories because they wouldn’t tell you the backstory… This pastor had done more… I surprised at people who get surprised at stories like this… na blood dey run through everybody vein… no let anybody deceive you… no be holy water dey their veins… everybody should be on guard. Worship God go home… nobody above temptation.”

“You guys seems to have had an affair. Thinking out loud with my loud.”

Agaco comedy wrote, “Is it that he cheated on you with ur sister or what exactly are you saying?? Ur sister that went to a hotel to meet a man what is she expecting, is she expecting anointing oil or fasting and prayer??”

JenniferChukwu wrote, “WAIT ! WAIT! Hold it! U begged him not to touch your sister? U knew his personality and brought your sister close to him? Were u having something with him and begged him to also touch your sister as well? beCause that, don’t touch my sister statement is OFF to be telling your pastor.”

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