‘You Are Not My Author And Can’t Write My Story To Fit Your Narrative’ Kaffy Blasts Critics Over Her Crashed Marriage


An Instagram user has berated famous Nigerian dancer Kaffy over the crash of her marriage to Joseph Ameh.

Commenting on the news on an Instagram blog, the Instagram user said Kaffy had given millions of youth who had looked up to her that divorce is the right thing to do.

The fan added that Kaffy had joined other bandwagons to promote the destruction of marriage and questioned what happened to love she and her ex-husband saw at the beginning of their union.

Responding, Kaffy said people should not live their life to react to the world but ensure they fulfil their purpose and destiny.

Kaffy added that nobody is her author and can’t write her story to fit their narrative.

You’ll say I don’t understand the depth of how far you tried… but it’s not true, just know that you’ve through millions of youth that looked up to you from days of #maltaguinessstreetdance that divorce is a thing to do… you just showed us that the wrong way, you just made kids that will grow with the stigma of divorce and the tails will show in time, you just chose the work world and neglected Malachi 2:6,…

You just joined the bandwagon to promote the destruction of the first ministry of God made on earth,…what happened to the love you both saw at the beginning… self woke and selfishness has killed marriage in my era, however, God still got remnants, some of us will still marry according to the will of God and will stay in it, build it and bring God honour through selflessness and faith… Thank you.

Kaffy wrote: One day you shall understand. Live your life not to react to the world but to fulfil your purpose and destiny. You are not my auth, you can’t write my story to fit your narrative. It is well.

Esabod Global News earlier reported that Kaffy confirmed the speculations that she and husband, Joseph Ameh are separated.

Kaffy, a 42-year-old popular Nigerian dancer, made the statement on Instagram a few hours ago, explaining why her marriage to Joseph Ameh, a music director and drummer, is ended. The couple married on June 2, 2012, and they have two children.

Kaffy said, “I have always wanted to see my ex be the best version of himself and even breaking up the marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we really are supposed to be. Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies driving towards a place that God wants us to be and mine really did not work out that way.

Rather than looking at somebody as a problem, you could be the problem of that person. Being an enabler of someone not being able to do what they are supposed to do can also be that you are not supposed to be in that space.

“So, there was a lot to learn and there is still a lot more to learn. I want to express that and motivate you to understand that life is not all about reaction to the world; it is not about reacting to what want you to say or what the world wants to hear; what the world wants you to be or what the world wants you to wear; what the world wants you to look like or get married.”


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