“I suffered physical and emotional abuse for 9 years” – Woman accused of abandoning her husband at UK airport shares her own story

 UK-based Nigerian woman, accused of abandoning her husband, Henry Osah, at airport has shared her own side of the story.

It all started when a family friend of her husband begged for help online for Henry as he faces deportation from UK.

According to her, Henry was left stranded after his wife took away their children and abandoned him at the airport.

It appeared that the wife suffered physical and emotional abuse from him for nine years. Furthermore, her husband has been using their kids as bargaining chips to extort money from her.

The post reads, “How can Henry Osah use the kids as a bargaining chip with his wife. She struggled to go to the UK and since then you have held her to ransom. You deprived her access to the kids because you said if she doesn’t also help you to the UK, she wouldn’t see her kids.”

“We say women should speak up when faced with abusive partners and when they do we still vilify them. Do you know what she has survived in the hands of Henry Osah. Getting him deported doesn’t still do justice”.