"Showing Tinubu respect does not mean I will not call him a drug dealer.


"Showing Tinubu respect does not mean I will not call him a drug dealer. Remove the guns from the hands of Nigerians & redirect them against the enemies of Nigeria. Nigerians must reclaim the country"- Datti Baba Ahmed.

I am not surprised by this nonsensical gibberish, toxic drivel & puerile tomfoolery given the fact that it is coming from an embittered creature & sorry soul who was the Vice Presidential candidate of the Obidient movement. 5 months down the line he & his camp have not been able to get over their devastating trouncing at the polls & are still smarting from the pain. They did not even manage to come 2nd in the election but instead came 3rd. Why won't they scream & holler like a fishmonger's wife that's on heat given the fact that their pants were removed before the world & they were badly humiliated in the election. If anyone expected anything else from them then they still don't know who they are & what they represent.

If there is one group of Nigerians that need to be dropp

ed into the hottest spot in Gaza & left there forever it is the Obidients. Like Hamas they are fanatical, murderous, genocidal, uncouth, unlettered, mendacious, perfidious, intransigent, rude, stubborn, violent, bellicose, deceitful, malevolent, malicious, spiteful, pitiful, ignorant, ill-bred, accursed, venomous & filled with hate. They are not only a cancerous blight on the Nigerian political landscape but they are also hopelessly misguided in their primitive zealotry & their cryptic delusions.

If there is any group of Nigerians that I have contempt for it is them. They are like an army of locusts who follow their leader blindly devouring & destroying everything in their path. If their leader says they should line up & lick his itching, unkept posterior they would do so gladly, ask no questions, spread open his wide buttocks, dip their Obidient tongues deep into it, lap up the fecal waste & enjoy the filthy taste & dirty ride. Stop, think, visualise it & tell me if I am wrong. To them PITOBI is an addictive drug which sends them to Elysium & which must be consumed every day. Worse of all is the fact that some of them still believe the specious lie that their candidate won the pres. election. They also believe that both the Election Tribunal & the Supreme Court were compromised when they affirmed Tinubu's victory. To them everyone is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a mafia don, a drug baron, a drug addict, a thief, a bribe giver, a bribe taker & an election rigger & they say this because that is what they are. When they say these things about others they are actually looking in the mirror. Worse still some of their leaders are not even Nigerian, including the idiot that I qouted above who not only insulted the President & C in C of the Nigerian Armed Forces on Arise with his unsubstantiated allegations & vile aspersions but also sought to incite his gullible party members to indulge in subversion, violence, insurrection & treason. If not that what else did he mean by removing guns from Nigerians & "redirecting them against the enemies of Nigeria?" If he has the guts & is the son of his father let him name those enemies. Yet he will not do so because he is a chicken-hearted & spineless coward who does not have the courage of his convictions. Worse still his primordial insolence & arrogance is reflective of the character traits of most Obidients. I will not say anymore about him for now lest he bursts into tears on national television like he did before. Truth is that the Obidients are nothing but a bunch of self-serving, self-seeking, lawless, ferral psychopaths who are motivated by religious & ethnic bigotry. By 2027 no one will remember them because by then they would have been dumped & relegated to the foul-smelling & notoriously filthy dustbin of history. By 2027 an Obidient will be regarded as nothing but an affliction, a plague & a by-word for porn movies & horror shows.