6 Apr 2016

EFCC:For 4 Years After Leaving Office As Governor, See How Much Saraki Was Still Receiving as Monthly Salary

Senate President Bukola Saraki was receiving monthly salaries from the Kwara state government even after he became a senator, Michael Wetkas, a detective of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has said.

Buhari’s Die Hard Supporter, Omojuwa Dramatically Turns Against Him (See His Tweets)

Japheth Omojuwa
Japheth Omojuwa
All seem not to be well in paradise as popular Twitter influencer and blogger, Japhet Omojuwa who is deeply linked with the APC has joined the ‘wailing wailers’ to criticise the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

See man who poses as a woman to scam people online (photo)

An Instagram user has allegedly gotten the impersonator who has been scamming people with her pictures, arrested
According to Instagram user, Ndifreke Akpabio, a fraudster had been obtaining money using false pretenses, using pictures of her taken from her Instagram page.

Fuji maestro slaps band member during performance

The aide can be seen collecting the money being sprayed in a box for the fuji artiste and receives a slap all of a sudden for reasons best known to the both of them.

Legendary musician, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as K1, in a recent video shared on Instagram can be pictured giving his aide a slap on the head.

Natural Remedies: How To Solve Fishy Vaginas

635903726071820494-1406261353_laser-vaginal-rejuvenation-lvrVaginas are very intricate organs.
One minute, they are independent, self cleansers from the inside out and the very next, rely on their hosts to practice sound hygiene for them to function optimally — free of any unpleasant odors.
Because: it is totally normal for your nether region to have some sort of smell.

Singer collapses, dies on stage after cobra bites her mid-show

Irma was often seen performing with reptiles, including boa constrictors and pythons
A popular singer was bitten to death by a cobra during performance – The woman kept singing for about 45 minutes before collapsing and dying Irma Bule, an Indonesian pop star known for her love to wear snakes on her shoulders

‘I never expected a perfect man’ | 15 thought provoking quotes from Caroline Danjuma

After weeks of staying mum on the subject,Caroline Danjuma finally decided to address her marital crisis on Monday night.
This came after her husband, Musa Danjuma, was reportedly spotted on a cozy rendezvous with a South African lady at a fancy restaurant.

‘Saraki wired over ‎£1.5m to Fortis Bank for purchase of UK property’ – EFCC

The trial of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal for alleged false declaration of assets commenced on Tuesday, April 5.

Deadly Gunmen Kill Soldiers & Kidnap Expatriates In Bayelsa

Heavily armed gunmen on Tuesday in Bayelsa State shot dead 2 soldiers attached to the military task force code named ‘Operation Pulo Shield’ and abducted two expatriates workers with Setraco construction company, during a shootout along the Ogbia-Nembe road in Nembe area of the State.

Pregnant Lady Helped By People Buying Fuel As She Deliver Baby On The Road

Some Nigerians waiting on a long queue to get fuel for their cars and generators had to take the place of doctors when a pregnant lady suddenly went into labour on Tuesday at the Anthony bus stop taxi park just around the VIO/LASTMA office in Lagos. Kudos to all those who helped. Read details...

See how this crèche treated the kids! Mother exclaims in anguish

This is a sponsored post...
Four months after delivery I registered my child at a crèche, it was the most difficult thing I ever had to do but my husband, friends and colleagues, kept saying it was the right thing to do. I’ll never forget the emotional ordeal I went through so this is my recommendation to new mums who don’t want to go through the same …

'Its better I remain single or marry a white man'- Toyin Aimakhu says

Looks like actress Toyin Aimakhu has given up on black men. Toyin, who is estranged from her ex husband, Niyi Johnson, said she will either remain single or only marry a white man. She said this in a new unscripted video of her reality TV series ‘KUWTA' which she posted on her YouTube channel yesterday.

Photos: Airline Passenger finds a dead lizard in her food

According to the post shared by a Malaysian page on Facebook, a passenger of an undisclosed plane found this lizard in her food. Another photo after the cut.

Peter Okoye, his new manager, others flies to Dubai for a solo performance

Peter Okoye aka Mr P, his new manager Olatunde Micheals(far right), his choreographer  DonFlexx and others, this afternoon flew out of Nigeria to Dubai for a performance he has in Dubai billed for April 7th and 8th. More photos after the cut.

Man and his two daughters killed after stored petrol explodes in Lagos

A man simply identified as Shabi and his two daughters, 18 year old Mistura and 16 year old Adura, were burnt to death after some Jerry cans of petroleum products stored at their home in 5 Adebiyi Street, Somolu Oja in Lagos exploded yesterday night. 

LOBATAN: What exactly is happening to Nigeria? Adedoyin Ashiru Blasts Nigeria Govt

Adedoyin Ashiru (Youth Ambassador)

Federal Republic of Nigeria why exactly are your people suffering? But wait a moment I thought part of the reasons why people vote is for a better life and future especially for the younger citizens of the country. 

CHEI: Is Prophet Mboro in trouble with a South African Commission over the alleged "sale of heavenly photos

Prophet Mboro who claimed he ascended to heaven on Easter Sunday and took selfies, even with angels, could face fraud charges, Daily Sun SA reports.

Meet Two Reverend Sisters Who Grow and Sell Marijuana (Igbo) From Their Garage (See Photos)

                imageTwo nuns who grow and sell marijuana in from their California home are looking for a divine intervention to stop city officials from closing them down.  

6 senators who may replace Saraki as Senate president (Photos)

Following the commencement of the the trial of the Senate president, Senator Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) on a 13-count charge bordering on false declaration of assets, colleagues in the Senate have begun scheming for a possible replacement.
Some senators including those who had vowed to remain with him to the end of his trial have asked the Senate president to consider the resignation so as to save the Senate, as an institution.
The option was thrown to him at a special meeting held by a group of some loyal senators.
Senators eyeing Bukola Saraki's seat Photo credit: Daily Trust
Senators eyeing Bukola Saraki’s seat Photo credit: Daily Trust
The senators who are likely to replace Saraki are both from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), which has the majority in the Upper Chamber, and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which has the second highest number of senators.

AREWA: Check out the 20 most beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Bimbo, Mercy
Desirable ladies featuring in Yoruba movies.
Time was when one wants to watch truly beautiful ladies in a Nigerian movie, one had to check in the English language based ones.

EMA WA OK: Shiroro, Sapele power plants shut

The nation’s electricity woes worsened on Tuesday as two additional power generating plants were shut down, bringing the total number of plants not generating any megawatts of electricity to 10.
The two shut plants are Shiroro Power Station in Niger State and Sapele II in Delta State, industry data obtained by our correspondent showed.
Shiroro, whose capacity was put at 600MW, was said to have seen its unit 411G1 tripped on emergency shutdown on the 86ES lockout relay; units 411G2 and 3 out for under water repair work; and unit 411G4 out on maintenance.
The Sapele II, built under the National Integrated Power Project, with its capacity put at 225MW, has four units. The GT1 was shut down for maintenance, GT3 out due to work by the Nigerian Gas Company at the gas station, while the GT2 and 4 units are out as a result of gas constraints.
Total national power generation stood at 2,774.2MW on Tuesday, down from 3,657.5MW on March 31. Generation from Egbin, the nation’s biggest power station, was limited to 415MW due to gas constraints, down from 1,085MW on March 15.
Shell’s Afam VI power plant generated the highest megawatts of electricity at 418MW as of 6am, the data showed.
The slide in power generation has worsened the blackout being experienced in many parts of the country as many consumers complained of outages lasting for hours on end.
The PUNCH had on Friday reported exclusively that eight of the nation’s power plants were completely idle on Thursday, with significant reduction in generation from others, including Egbin, which is located in Lagos.
The plants, which did not generate any megawatts of electricity included Sapele, Delta State, whose installed capacity was put at 240MW; Olorunsogo II in Ogun State, with a capacity of 625MW; Rivers IPP (180MW) and Trans-Amadi (75MW), both in Rivers State.
Others were Geregu I in Kogi; Afam IV & V in Rivers, and A.E.S and Asco, whose installed capacity were not given.
Sapele’s units were said to be shut due to gas constraints, tripping, maintenance and major overhaul, among other reasons.
The Rivers IPP’s unit GT1 was out due to gas constraints, while Trans-Amadi’s GT1 and 4 units were out due to line constraints; GT2 due to gas constraints and GT3 undergoing maintenance.
According to the data, there was no communication on A.E.S, while Asco’s unit GT1 was out due to a fire outbreak. Olorunsogo’s units GT1 to 4 and ST2 were shut due to gas constraints, and ST1 for maintenance.
Geregu’s three units were shut due to outage and to enable them to undergo a major overhaul and maintenance, while a unit of Afam IV & V had been de-commissioned and scrapped; four were out due to blade failure and two due to burnt generator transformer, among others.

10 Ways Shy Guys Act When They Have A Crush

Shy guys are pretty hard to figure out, unsurprisingly.They’re shy, so they’re probably also kind of quiet and awkward, not just around you, but around everyone.
It’s just more difficult, because a shy guy isn’t going to tell you how beautiful you look, or just approach you and ask you to go out, on a date.So…is he really shy?
Here are 10 things Shy Guys display that show you’re their crush.
1.Looking At Their Crush, Then Looking Away :This is a sign, because I used to do it back then. The dude repeatedly stared at their crush, then immediately looking away when their crush look at him, this could definitely mean that he likes her. Especially if he acts super weird afterwards, by which he’s avoiding her gaze entirely, walking away or acting like she don’t exist.
2.Chatting With Their Crush On Social Media, But Won’t Talk To Them In Person :This is another tell-tale sign.A lot of shy guys, just don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face.It’s much easier for them to talk through Social media chats apps or mobile texting..
3.Hangs Around Her,Even If They Doesn’t Initiate Conversation :He pops up everywhere She is, and always sit near her in class, but doesn’t speak to her, it could mean that he’s too shy to make the first move, so he’s hoping she will.He’s purposely putting himself in situations where she can talk to him, so he doesn’t have to do it.Try starting a conversation and see what happens.
4.They’re Different Around Their Crush :Pay attention to how he acts around his friends versus how he acts around her.If he seems talkative around his friend, but nervous and quiet around her, it could mean that he likes her and just doesn’t know how to act.
5.Uncomfortable When Other Guys Talk To Her :There is this feeling of insecurity in his mind that someone else might just sweep her away from him and so he gets all uncomfortable and weird.
6.Stammering While Talking To Their Crush :If his crush start a casual conversation.. see how he reacts to her.He stammers back a reply, while looking around the room but not at his crush, then you know he has an intense crush going..
7.Very Sensitive To A Lady’s Touch : If a lady happens to touch him playfully, or just casually, he might respond as if he got an electric shock.You will see his face go all pink, he might suddenly move away or just overly self-conscious.It just shows your touch means a lot to him.
8.They’re Afraid To Ask For Their Crush’s Number :They are too afraid to ask for their crush’s number, instead they get it from their crush’s friends or from other source, and call her up on some pretext(Usually a pretty lame one).
9.Blushing : They blushed the entire time their crush is talking to them even though they have nothing to be blushing about…”Trying to maintain the going conversation”.
10.Compliments Small Changes To Their Crush’s Appearance :That new hairstyle. That new dress. That new shade of lipstick.Whatever it is their crush discarded or added, he’s likely to make a comment on it.It’s their way of showing their crush..”I notice You”.

ADULT ONLY: What this ‘pastor’ does to women on Facebook will surprise you (photos)

An obviously annoyed woman took to her Facebook page to call out a man who has been harassing her with nude pictures of himself
The woman, Henrietta Isiakpona, showed her frustration over a man identified as Iyanife Pride Jim Bakare, who usually bombards her with pictures of himself.
According to Henrietta, Bakare who also claims to be a pastor has been sending her pictures of himself in various stages of undress and also asking to marry her.
She complained the pictures were sent to her via Whatsapp, and she had asked him to leave her alone severally without success, prompting her to take the decision to call him out on Facebook.
Here’s a screenshot of her Facebook post which she has since deleted, below:

Photos Of Patience Jonathan Laughing, Kissing and Dancing With Obasanjo Are Interesting

ObjPatience3These photos were taken at the burial ceremony of the mother of Ebonyi state governor, David Umahi last Friday. you’d recall former President Obasanjo campaigned against her husband, Goodluck Jonathan during the last election.
In politics, no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Lol.
See more photos below;

Seun Kuti’s alleged baby mama releases more photos of his daughter (Photos)

In January 2016 a lady Adaeze McArthur claimed she has a daughter for Afro beat scion Seun Kuti. A child she said the singer is yet to set his eyes on but who looks every inch like the singer.
Seun Kuti’s alleged second daughter Zara
Well, on Tuesday, April 5, McArthur shared new photos of her daughter she had since named Zara on her Instagram timeline.
Seun Kuti’s alleged daughter Zara and mother Adaeze McArthur
Zara is almost the same age with Seun Kuti’s daughter Adara that he had with his well-publicized longtime girlfriend and baby mama Yetunde.
Having baby mamas seems to have come to stay in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Artists like Wizkid, Flavour, Pasuma, 9ice, 2Baba and others have more than one baby mama.

Husband Stabs Man to Death for Having S*x With His Wife

Why resort to violence? Men please, if you discover that you've mistakenly marry a runs girl as a wife, the best thing to do is send her away to go continue to her prostitution, rather than kill anyone.

As you read this, a 25-year-old farmer, Mohammed Tanko, has been ordered to be remanded in prison after he allegedly killed his adulterous wife’s secret lover.

SEE GOBE: Naija Lady Gives Her Lover 280k to Marry Her, but He Got Another Girl Pregnant

Any relationship where money is the focal point will collapse like a park of cards, only a matter of time.

29yrs old Chukwuemeka Obodozie has been arrested and charged before a Magistrate’s court sitting in Ejigbo, Lagos, for allegedly obtaining N280,000 from his lover, Ogechi Obinma, under the false pretence that he would engage her and they get married.

The money was said to be part of their bargain to get married. But why did she fall so cheaply?

According to Ogechi, Chukwuemeka told her he needed money to clear goods that his elder brother sent to him from abroad, to enable them perform an introduction and traditional marriage. Unknown to her, Chukwuemeka had perfected plans to dump her and marry the woman he had already impregnated.

When Ogechi later went to his house, she saw a woman heavily pregnant and when she asked to know who she was, Chukwuemeka confessed that he impregnated the woman and needed money to take care of her and that was why he demanded the money from her.

He asked her to forget the money and see it as a prize she had to pay for their relationship that lasted for over two years. Ogechi accepted her fate but requested that Chukwuemeka paid her money in full as she would not be responsible for the finance of his marriage.

When she insisted, Chukwuemeka reportedly threatened to kill her, he threatened her at her house and office in Ikotun area of Lagos.

The matter was reported to the police at Ikotun and Chukwuemeka was arrested and charged to court with obtaining money under false pretence and threat to life.

When he was arraigned, as usual he pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs J.O.E Adeyemi granted Chukwuemeka bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum. The case has been adjourned till April 18, 2016. 

Truce with Fayose organized propaganda/drama – Aluko (SHOW OF SHAME)

Tope AlukoEMBATTLED former secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ekiti State, Dr. Temitope Aluko, has denied reconciling with the state governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose, saying the parley between them was an organised propaganda to stain his image and malign his integrity. Tope Aluko This is as Ekiti state government vowed to go ahead with its perjury charges against the former party scribe just as the All Progressives Congress, APC, says the purported truce will not alter anything on the revelations so far on the probe of the June 21, 2014 governorship election fraud. Aluko recants Addressing newsmen yesterday, in Lagos, Dr Aluko said the parley was a script aimed at misinforming Nigerians. The former PDP scribe, who recanted his earlier stance, said; “One fact remains clear, there is nowhere that I, Temitope Aluko, refuted anything I have earlier said before Nigerians and the whole world about the manipulations that characterised the 2014 Governorship election in Ekiti State.” Expressing displeasure over the purported reconciliation meeting, he said; “I was shocked to see Governor Fayose walk into the meeting at this point. I won’t want to bore you with the drama and face-off that ensue between me and governor Fayose during the meeting.  It is however worthy of note that it was at this point that my wife badged into the meeting to inform me that he noticed the presence of pressmen downstairs and said ‘there is a problem’ but it was Fayose that interrupted her saying; ‘’Madam, there is no problem.” He added that; “At that point, I became enraged and decided to leave the place but I notice Governor Fayose rushing after me downstairs in a gestapo manner. My wife was already fidgeting and almost crying and suddenly I could not find her around me. I immediately realised that I needed to oblige to his (Governor Fayose) instruction of facing the press because of the safety of my family.” He, however, appealed to Nigerians to disregard the peace treaty saying it was a tactical error on his part. His words: “I will like to apologise to all Nigerians that perhaps, accepting the invitation was a tactical error. However, I wouldn’t have accepted to attend the meeting in the first place if I had known that Ayo Fayose will be in attendance. I only chose to attend in order to honour the party leaders’ invitation. I will also like you to know that I am dealing with a master fraudster who is always full of mischief. You will all recollect how he announced the purported death of Hon. Afolabi Akanni; the purported arrest of four Honourable Members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly that later resurfaced; the invasion of Ekiti House of Assembly that never took place; the unfounded $1 million bribe offer by DSS and recently his announcement last week that I brought in policemen from Abuja to Ekiti State to unleash mayhem. “I need to emphasize that all that transpired  on that faithful day was an organized propaganda/drama to stain my image and malign my personal integrity and I believe it would be a good script for Nollywood actors,” he said. He ‘ll still be prosecuted—Ekiti govt Speaking yesterday in Ado Ekiti, the state’s Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Owoseni Ajayi, said the state government will not withdraw the case of perjury it instituted at an Ado Ekiti Chief Magistrate Court, in spite of Aluko’s perceived reconciliation with Fayose. The state government had instituted a case of perjury against Aluko at a Chief Magistrate in Ado-Ekiti, shortly after he (Aluko) gave a  revelation that the election that brought Fayose into government was massively rigged, contrary to statement he gave as the principal witness at the election petition tribunal. Ajayi said; “We believed Aluko’s evidence was credible enough, as our principal witness during the governorship election petition, to sustain our case and gave us victory, right from the election petition tribunal to the supreme court. We can’t because of this interventionist apology collapse all our cases, government is not run that way. We can’t abandon our responsibilities as a state just because someone apologised to our governor on a case that was already pending in court. They are not fresh cases and we will pursue them to a logical conclusion.” Reconciliation changes nothing about Ekitigate— APC Meantime, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, APC maintained that the peace parley between Fayose and Aluko would not alter anything in the revelations at the probe panel. Olatunbosun said it was mischievous to insinuate that Aluko was lured by APC to lie against Fayose and the military officers who were dismissed after they were found guilty by the Army probe panel. Dismissing allegation that Aluko was lured by APC to implicate Fayose and the soldiers, Olatunbosun said: “This is purely an internal matter within PDP and so APC has no hand in it.”

AMAZING: 60-year old man attends secondary school in Delta(Photos)

 60 year old Adalabu Seribor is a JSS II student of Izon College, Bomadi- Overside in Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State. He told Vanguard
"I decided to go to school at this age because I perpetually feel the pain of being an illiterate in this modern world where everything has to do with English and education. I also do not want a situation whereby someone else would interprete or write for me if eventually I am chosen to hold an office in my community,” 
“I am sixty years now and the reason why I decided to go to school at this age is because I perpetually feel the pain of being an illiterate in this modern world where everything has to do with English and education. My mother died during childbirth when I was a little boy, while my father was a hunter. I was raised by a grandmother after the death of my mother and later taken to a step-mother when my father remarried. 
“I went through discomfort and hardship from my tender age to adulthood. It would interest you to know that I was so tender at the time my mother died that I was crying for food while she laid dead. I went through struggles all through my life. I was opportune to go to school at my young age, when a relative, who was a magistrate at Ekeremor in Bayelsa State, took me to his house, but because of early morning beatings due to my failure to greet him when rising from bed, I fled back to my father. 
I had no opportunity to go to school since then, and continued doing menial jobs to survive, which I am still doing. 
 ” On his decision to return to school at his old age, he said
“I realized that without education one cannot do well in this present society. I also do not want a situation whereby someone else would interprete or write for me if eventually I am chosen to hold an office in my community.” Makes a living pushing wheelbarrow Seribor, who also explained how he managed to combine his studies and work, “I am a truck-pusher. After school hours, I go back home to look for work to do, which I have been doing to earn a living. I pay my school fees from there. I am determined to complete my education because of the pains in my heart. Have come to realise that one cannot do well without education in this society. I do all type of menial jobs for a living: I pack dirt from gutters, I pack sand, clear grasses in people’s compounds and pack soak away faeces in the dead of the night. I am a JSS II student and by the grace of God I will finish from this school.”

2 pregnant women collapse, die during Bauchi teachers verificatione

Bauchi—Two pregnant women collapsed and died in Bauchi, yesterday, while waiting to be screened by the Verification Team from the office of the Account General of the state government. The two pregnant women (names withheld) were among the over 6,000 teachers in the state that were asked to assemble at the state local government education secretariat for screening before collecting their salaries. Vanguard gathered from an eyewitness,  Abubakar Yusuf ,  a teacher at the Baba Didi primary school that the first woman, who was seven  months pregnant,  fainted when the crowd were pushing to be verified, a situation  that triggered a congestion during the exercise. He said they all assembled at the local government education authority for the verification, “because we have not been paid for three months. People came from all the local government areas of the state, so there was a massive crowd that gathered at the venue. “The verification exercise took us by surprise because we were in the classroom teaching when we were summoned for the screening. That was why there was a large turn-out of people.” He added: “Some of the people who came early were lucky enough to be verified, but as the crowd kept increasing, people began to push each other. In the process, an unidentified pregnant woman fainted and went into a comma.” “Another pregnant woman also collapsed and had a miscarriage instantly. The two pregnant women were rushed to the hospital for treatment. We later heard that they died.” He called on the state government to ease the sufferings of the teachers during verification exercises by finding alternative methods that will not lead to congestion of centres. He expressed dissatisfaction with the exercise, describing it as excruciating for their age and health conditions.

Noises From Senior Advocates Of Nigerian Lunatics (SANL)

Noises From Senior Advocates Of Nigerian Lunatics (SANL)
By Bayo Oluwasanmi
April 04, 2016
"The SANL, in my opinion, is a body of confused mad men and women that does more to facilitate corruption and misconduct than it does to sanitize the badly infected professional body. " - Bayode J Oluwasanmi
The insidious greed and public looting that the Nigerian judiciary has nurtured to an art form is metastasizing like a virulent tumor strain throughout the legal profession. It is sheer suicidal absurdity for the Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (BOSAN) herein otherwise known and addressed as Senior Advocates of Nigerian Lunatics (SANL) to hold brief for their lunatic colleagues.
Because Nigeria is a lawless country, its legal system has become a sink-well of secret proceedings, the jailing of the innocent, and political misconduct. It is sullied with documented corruption, fake trials, and court fraud. In Nigeria today, judges and lawyers, especially the so called SANL, who are protected by judges, can commit felony crimes, fraud, money laundering in broad day light, leave the proof lying around, and yet avoid being prosecuted or even having their crimes reported by the Nigerian media. Nigerian journalists see a lot of material in court misconduct, and yet they know this is the story of which they dare not write about or speak about. The lack of Nigerian media coverage and scrutiny, in turn, encourages more judicial corruption, leaving millions of Nigerians in anger and despair.
A communique issued by Ebun Sofunke and Seyi Sowemimo on behalf SANL at the end of its recent meeting at Nigerian Law School, Lagos, urged the federal government to respect Nigerians' fundamental rights and the rule of law in the fight against corruption. “... the fight against the scourge should not be at the expense of Nigerians' human rights.” Members have “a duty and responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest professional and moral standards,” continues SANL, “and are determined to continue to ensure that those standards are maintained,” says SANL.
The group condemns the “spate of disparaging remarks and attacks on the judiciary and judicial officers, often made in a generalized manner and perhaps calculated to intimidate and infuse fear in judges, who are sworn to disperse justice without fear or favor... saying blanket attacks on the judiciary were “unfair to the many honest and hardworking judges in our country.”
The communique by the SANL portrays them as hypocrites whose perceptions of reality and rationalizations for their actions are without objectivity. Sofunke and Sowemimo would do well to reverse the defense of their colleagues, and instead put the corrupt ones among them on trial for corruption, fraud, and professional malpractice.
Where were the SANL when the entire judicial apparatus of our country was being hijacked and dismantled by their sleazy and contemptuous no-frills lawyers? Where were they when the thieves, by their greed and graft, completely wiped clean the ingredients of livelihood and good life of our people? Where were the Sofunkes and the Sowemimos when the con artists had effectively abbreviated the exercise of liberty and the pursuit of happiness of our people? What was their response when these corruption-personified criminals created a humiliating and primitive stagnation of our social life? How dare the Sofunkes and the Sowemimos advocate for fundamental rights of the thieves who tuned our young ones into wild and homeless beasts and culturally lost people, spiritually disinherited persons, candidates for the streets, highway robbers, and prisoners?
How come the SANL didn't cry human rights when our dying groan for comfort? When our wounded cry for help? When poverty continues to consume the poor, the needy, and the innocent just as drought and heat consume snow? What rights have the SANL to hold brief for corrupt judges and judicial officers who put our justice on the farmer's market ready to sell – cash and carry – at basement prices? Where is their rage against their colleagues whose hands are dripping with blood money to pervert justice? Where is their outrage against corrupt judges? Their strident silence on bribery of judges by SANL speak volumes.
Check out these names: Rickey Tarfa (SANL) bribed Federal High Court Justice Mohammed Yunusa with N225,000. Joseph Nwobike (SANL) bribed Justice Mohammed Yunusa N5m ($5,000). Kanu Agabi secretly filed motion in Justice Abdu-Kafarati's court to squash the case against Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki (BAMS).
The SANL make up what they lack in intelligence, skill, and experience by bribing judges. It's shocking to the marrows that a lawyer would ever bribe a judge. With the exception of few, that's what Nigerian lawyers are reputed for. They bribe judges for favorable rulings in order to increase the size of their clientele and make more money. Lawyers who engage in bribing judges to win cases violate legal and ethical rules and should be prosecuted.
The SANL indulge in tawdry bribery scams all the time to scuttle justice. They shop for friendly judgesin friendly jurisdictions. Now you see why Kanu Agabis keeps going back to Kafarati. With these judges from hell and in magic jurisdictions they'll get favorable verdicts. These cases are not won in the courtroom. They are won on the back roads long before the cases go to trial. Any lawyer fresh from law school can walk in there and win the case, so it doesn't matter what the evidence or the law is. They create a sort of floating legal syndicate with changing players chosen as needed for a particular skill or connection.
The misdemeanor and malpractice of these mushrooming bolekaje SANL have swelled to absolutely unacceptable levels. There is no question that there is a crime wave of corruption in the rank and file of the SANL with very few exceptions. Noting the complicity of SANL with the thieves in the war against corruption, Femi Falana one of the few best, credible, and competent Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN), in his key note address at a round table on “Winning the War Against Corruption” in Lagos this past Thursday, said “... the situation is compounded in Nigeria by judicial corruption and professional misconduct on the part of senior lawyers involved in the defense of corruption cases.
“As if that is not enough,” continues Falana, “the suspects are being granted bail in their own recognizance or other ridiculously liberal terms by trial judges notwithstanding the gravity of the offenses allegedly committed by them.” What kind of fundamental rights for the thieves is SANL calling for?
The SANL, in my opinion, is a body of confused mad men and women that does more to facilitate corruption and misconduct than it does to sanitize the badly infected professional body. It is one thing to ignore culprits among its members, but quite another to preach for the fundamental rights of criminals with whom they ally.
To the SANL, it's "pay to play." Orders are not enforced. Laws are not applied. Ethics and other professional considerations are thrown to the winds. Conflict of interest is ignored. If one is looking for the ultimate proof that SANL is a body of conniving and abetting professionals, consider the number of SANL who made up the circus – 80 lazy, hungry, and worthless lawyers – that accompanied BAMS to the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).
The SANL should not weep for the judiciary. They should not weep not for the Belgores, the Yunusas, the John Fabiyis, the Ibrahim Bubas, the Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia, the John Iyang Okoros, and other merchants of justice. We can deal take with them. And we will deal with them. Weep for your sins. Your noises are but hypocrisies from convoluted minds.