13 Apr 2016


Click for Full Image SizeAt over 40, Fuji music star, Pasuma Wonder, is still a bachelor, YES INTERNATIONAL! findings have just uncovered. Not only that, the Orobokibo exponent whose real names are Wasiu Ajibola Odetola also has almost half a dozen children, all out of wedlock. Sources who know him well told us that even before stardom came, he was already a father.

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's Penis

Sex is really a big issue in our society today, and there are so many wrong assumptions pertaining to human sexuality. One of such misconceptions is the issues of penis size.

10 Ways Women Misjudge Men's PenisYes we are talking size and here are the myths and wrong methods which many ladies  apply while judging men’s penis size.
1. Shoe Size:

Woman kidnaps her kids, demands ransom from husband

THE Rivers State Police Command has arrested a woman, Mrs. Abigail Brown, for kidnapping her two children to get ransom from her husband.

Brown and her husband’s former driver, identified simply as ThankGod, were


A married gospel singer, Yvonne Omoarebokhae, has been found dead in a hotel in Edo state after she had gone to perform in the state.
According to emanating reports, Yvonne, had lodged into the hotel with a Lagos based Pastor, Apostle Psalm Okpe of the Fresh Oil Ministry, who had claim to be having an event in the state.


The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, while preaching on the topic “Heaven’s Response to Earth’s Request,” says on judgment day, hell will be hotter for members of the church who are sinners.
According to him, it is going to happen that because his members have heard the truth about the word of God but have refused to repent from their bad ways.


Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde, is not having it rosy as she is currently the talk of the town after she made revelations that she does not go to the market herself but her husband.
The actress had in an interview she granted recently disclosed that due to her status, she does not go to the market but her husband does the buying and this has gotten many Nigerians angry as they see it as revealing too much about her family to the public.


Judith Mazagwu aka Afrocandy has made a name for herself in the kingdom of those who expose their bodies and engaging in those movies that we cannot watch in public. The controversial actress who lives in America was caught seducing a lot of men in a party that was held in New Jersey.

Kemi needs crucial, urgent psychiatric help – Bianca reacts to claim of being impregnated by Fani-Kayode

Following the claim by Kemi Olunloyo, daughter of a former governor of Oyo State, Victor Omololu Olunloyo, that former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain, Bianca Ojukwu, was impregnated by Femi Fani-Kayode while in
Click to Read Were Alaso Kemi Stepmother Comment Here

In Our or Nigeria’s Interest or Their Best Interest?

The principle of autonomy and/or self-determination is viewed as foundational in any true democracy. It is however worrying when democracy becomes a millstone around the neck of those who are supposed to benefit from it. Such has been the case in Nigeria for close to seventeen years of supposed democratic rule. Democracy has been turned on its head and self-determination or autonomy do not exist, or at best, are infinitesimal.


Dublin Pretty Big Girl Bola Tawakalit Osunfowora Amolegbe 45th Birthday Bash Party Pictures

May the good LORD in His infinite mercy grant unto you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, as well as Long life, prosperity and a fulfilling future.Happy birthday! Esabod wish you another year of accomplishments, opportunity and personal growth!


Imagine how Duncan Mighty has come to his knees after insulting Mr. President, Buhari during the presidential election, and has made a quick turn around to beg him for an appointment.


Nollywood actor cum producer, Chuks Omalicha and his colleagues’ sure holds their creator lots of thanks giving after they survive a ghastly motor accident in Delta state.  The actor and his friends, Nosa rex, shaggy Badaiki, were on their


If you are in Zaria, you can see the historic aircraft with registration number 5N-AER that Ojukwu used during the emancipation of the Republic of Biafra. Unfortunately, the Nigerian government has been unable to maintain this once upon a time luxury aircraft which is currently a source of attraction to kids.

19 Year old Rapes Chicken to death in Ondo, Says a Spirit Directed Him to do it

19 year old welder apprentice was caught yesterday August 19th after having sex with a chicken at the Continental area of Akure, the Ondo state capital.
According to reports, the boy was discovered to have committed the act after the owner of the chicken, Mrs Stella Akintola, who is the boy’s neighbor and reared chickens in the compound, heard her chickens making noise inside their pen and decided to go and find out why they were restless.

9 People Who Might Cheat On You, According To Science

Let’s face it, no one wants to date a cheater. But oftentimes we don’t see the signs that our boyfriend or girlfriend is a shady little liar. Forget him answering his phone in the closet or her being less affectionate with you. Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your guy addicted to Twitter? What’s his name?


Dear readers,
My girlfriend’s daughter and I sat on the sofa one day hugging one another for comfort after an ear-bashing from her mum. It led to us kissing then the most amazing s*x ever.
It felt wrong but so right. We have since gone on to have s*x again and again.
I am 42, so is my partner, and her daughter is 24.
The first time I set eyes on her eight years ago, I fancied her but I thought she was too young for me and I was happy then with her mum.
I moved in with them and her mum and we went on to have a son, who is now six.
My partner can be moody though and at one point cheated on me with a friend’s husband. It was a bumpy ride but she ended it and we seemed OK again.
We started making the effort to go out more so one day her daughter came round to babysit her little brother. Her mum called to say she had to work late so we opened a bottle of wine. She was telling me all about her latest row with her mum.
As we sat hugging that night I let slip that I fancied her. She confessed she felt the same but felt guilty about it and didn’t want to betray her mum.
She still moved in for a kiss and we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. We ended up in bed and the s*x was so good, it became a regular thing whenever her mum wasn’t around.
I realised I couldn’t stay with her mum any longer so, after a mega row, I moved out and got a flat. Her daughter comes to visit me and we have s*x every time. Her mum has no idea.
She now wants us to get married and have kids. I want this too but I worry whether it’s legal.
I never married her mum but what would we tell any children we have together? 

Men KONDO. Natural Foods for a Hard & Strong Pen**s


1. Banana

This is no surprise. Bananas have potassium and potassium is good for a man’s heart and circulation. Adequate amounts keep sodium levels under control and lower the risk of high blood pressure.  Tryptophan found in bananas is a mood enhancer. The fruit also contains magnesium and manganese, two important minerals a lot of men are deficient in; they are important for a healthy and functional prostate.


While speaking with journalists yesterday, a kidnap suspect identified as Collins Chime, from Obinagu Udi in Enugu State, has confessed how he received N65,000 as his own share from a N500,000 ransom paid by his uncle.
The suspect who was paraded alongside his collaborators said, "We were to kidnap a rich woman but we missed her; so, I suggested that we kidnap my uncle since we missed our initial target.
"After we kidnapped him, we received N500,000 as ransom, out of which our leader (still at large) gave me N65,000."
While pleading for mercy he said, "I have never involved myself in this kind of thing; please beg them not to kill me; let them keep me in prison; I’ll stay there and work for government."
Also paraded alongside Collins are other kidnap syndicates which includes; Nonso Onyebuchi of Obeagu Awgu, who is the leader of the gang, and Chukwudi Azemene of Umuoduma Aba, Abia state.
It was reported that the suspect and his kidnap syndicates abducted Elder Chime Edwin, a UK returnee of Obinagu Udi on 2nd April, 2016 at his house and whisked him off in a Volkswagen Audi car which they had earlier robbed from the owner at Umunede, Delta State.
The Enugu State commissioner of police, Nwodibo Ekechukwu, who paraded the suspects alongside others before newsmen, said the first syndicate, Etim Amos, of Abiakpo Ibo road, Ikot-Ekpene, masterminded the kidnapping of Barr. John Abugu, at G.R.A Enugu.
He disclosed that the command, in a carefully-planned operation ambushed the gang at a point along Itu-Calabar road, during which other members of the syndicate tried to escape.
The commissioner also stated that the gang leader, Etim Amos, who had been posing as a soldier with an Army cap, which he usually placed on the dashboard to deceive people, was gunned down alongside another gang member, one Otunre Nse.
Recovered from the suspects are a gun, the handsets of the victims, fake Army ID card, bearing Corporal Etim Henry Amos.

PHOTOS:Young Lady Beaten by Woman for Sleeping With Her Husband, She Was Stripped

This beautiful young lady in white towel was brutalized and stripped n*ked after news of her alleged affair with her married boss leaked to the man's wife, who is known to be a "fighter" by her friends.


Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas is pregnant. Not only that, the versatile role interpreter is in her second trimester, if the information at Encomium Weekly is anything to count on.
An industry source disclosed to Encomium Weekly that the pregnancy came as a surprise to the curvy thespian said she didn’t plan for it. The source further revealed to us that Thomas started showing signs of pregnancy weeks back on a movie shoot.
According to the source, the Ghetto queen, as Thomas is also known, also attended an event recently, parading her protruding tummy. She was also said to be so excited about the development that she has confided in a few of her friends, letting them know she will soon travel abroad where she is likely to have a baby shower and deliver.

Bimbo Thomas Is pregnant now but she only wants to continue keeping it away from the public eye before she jets out of Nigeria. That’s why she’s avoided social functions this time around. Even, that’s the reason she shelved the plan to dedicate her new fabric at Tejuosho Ultra-Modern Shopping Complex, Yaba, Lagos which was supposed to hold a couple of days back.
“I learnt she has perfected wedding plan with her US based lover who is responsible for the pregnancy and that’s likely to hold shortly after she delivers the baby”.
However, on Tuesday, April 5, when Encomium Weekly reached out to the beautiful Glo Ambassador on the tale, she declined to make any comment on it. She only admitted that she wasn’t feeling well recently but she is now okay.

LOVE WATINTIN: PHOTOS- Check Out This Guy and His BIG Wife

The guy believe her size is not a problem, his wife will always be happy so he won't need to struggle in the bedroom to get action. Smile! Btw, the couple look cool together. See more photos...

Saraki Wants to Rubbish Amaechi with Lagos/Calabar Rail for Not Begging Buhari to Stop His Trial

According to Vanguard, it was gathered from insider sources that besides geopolitical interests, the removal of the Lagos to Calabar rail project from 2016 Budget was done partly to spite the minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who was the chairman of Governors Forum.

Why go after Amaechi? The believev in Bukola Saraki's camp is that Amaechi distanced himself from the embattled senate president who's his former colleague and others like Senator Danjuma Goje. 

Saraki thought Amaechi, due to his closeness with President Buhari and APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu, would help him beg both men to stylishly stop his corruption trial at the CCT.

“Amaechi was told by associates in the Senate that Goje was not happy with him [because] he had teamed up with the Buhari people against his former colleagues in the Governors’ Forum,” a Presidency official conversant with the issue said. 

The source further revealed that on account of the information, Amaechi had to visit Goje to solicit his help on the passage of the budget proposals of the Ministry of Transportation. 

A presidency official stated that the Calabar-Lagos railway project alongside the Lagos – Kano rail project was included in the draft budget of the Ministry submitted to the Budget Office.

The official challenged the House of Representatives and the Senate to produce the report of their respective submissions to the NASS if they insist that the project was not included in the budget.


The Yoruba Actor, Eniola Afeez celebrated his birthday few days back, he took to instagram to share pictures of his arsenal customized cake and a personal picture with his beloved wife, Esther Kalejaye aka Omo jo ibo.
See photos below:
Eniola Afeez and his Cakes
Mr and Mrs. Afeez
Eniola Afeez on his birthday

SAD STORY: My Parents Divorce Left My Life In Shambles

- First son of a broken home
I m not a good writer but I'll start here: sometime in 1998 my dad started beating my mum, he accused her, from his findings, of seeing another man. As the matter got serious, my dad sent her out of the house. As a then 11 year old first son of my parents, I took her sides with my mum.

But not too long I got to figure out that my mum was truly seeing another man.

I don't know who advised mum, but she went to court and dissolved the marriage. I was almost graduating from primary school then. I started missing mum on my graduation day, only dad was there, mum had left with my 2 younger siblings as a result of the divorce.

Not too long after their divorce, mum got married to the other man.

But the man has a wife before my mum, she sort of become his second wife. One thing led to another and the man's first wife left him, (I was too young to understand reason for divorce).

Her new husband started bringing other women to the house; my mum had no peace and could not enjoy in his house as she had thought. It was a sad experience for she and my two other sisters.

As day goes by, I and my immediate younger sister were going to school till we both graduated from high school, the other two also graduated but their story didn't end as they are currently baby mamas to men I'm not proud of. Only my immediate sister got married and is with her husband.

Being the only male child, I had to leave house and hustle; I have worked in several odd places you could ever think of. I was able to gain admission into the university but my other siblings could not, except my immediate younger sister who gained admission for part-time programme.

Along the hustling, my spirit was broken by the happening in my family and was constantly been molested, as no one was home to supervise me while I was growing, my mum husband's older son took advantage of me several times, (I hope I can forgive my parents).

Life continued, I graduated with a good grade, not the course I really wish to study though, I currently live and work in one of the states in Nigeria.

And here is my confusion, my dad and mum still separated wants me to be calling them often, each time I give them a call, they'd questioned why didn't you call me earlier (selfish). They don't even know where I work, talk less of where I live. Though they supported while I was in the university, but I still hustled to get school fees paid. I guess they want share returns (angry).

I am pouring out my mind and my life story, though some part are shameful reason why I did not shed more light. So please advice me because I feel like forgetting my parents and just keeping in touch with my immediate sister, not the ones that grew up with mum cos they are disappointments. 

How can I forget all these issues and put my life on the right track? I'm really worried.

VP Osinbajo's Daughter Kiki Flaunts Her Beauty In New Photos

The vice president's daughter shared these beautiful pics with her followers on IG. More photos...

5 Music Stars Olamide Assisted To Stardom (Photos)

olamide carsWith Who You Epp (pronounced help) now the hottest rap song in the country, we take a look at 5 music stars Olamide has been able to assist in his career.

See how Cossy Orjiakor caused commotion in Lagos with her massive assets (Photos)

Cossy Orjiakor attracts the stare of guests at the Vanguard awards
Some notable Nigerians were celebrated on Friday, April 9, at the Eko Hotels and Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos, by Vanguard Media Limited for their exceptional achievements across various fields in the country in the previous year.

Five most controversial Nigerian pastors (photos)

If being caught-up in controversies is one test of the real man-of-God, then these ones will qualify on this criterion.
Either for some unbelievable miracles, certain biblical principles which they preach or their romance with politics, these pastors have in one way or the other found a way to always be in the news; sometimes with great scandals.
I must say though that the controversies do not necessarily make these ones the most popular pastors in Nigeria; however, it leaves them at certain spots in which they cannot be overlooked as long as Nigeria is concerned.
Below is a list of the most controversial men-of-God in Nigeria.

5. Reverend King

From the moment he stepped into the scene, the dynamics of the game seemed to change. Looking all a bit strange with his sakura- head and beard, Rev King drew a lot of attention to himself in a very short while.
At the beginning there were tales of how members of his church were made to sit in one place from beginning to the end of service, mostly due to the fear that if they as much as stand to take a leak, they will be severely flogged.

Olajumoke, Her Husband & Kids Move Into Their New House

Olajumoke Orisaguna along with her husband, Sunday and their two children, Grace and Precious has now moved into their new home in the Surulere area of Lagos. Billionaire Sujimoto got them the apartment (rent and fully furnishing) for the next five years.

Notorious Kidnapper, Chidiebere, Nabbed with Weapons & N5m

Trying to make "cool cash" without working legitimately...na wahala you dey find for yourself. Troops of the 14 Brigade Garrison based in Ohafia, on Sunday 10th March 2016 conducted operation aimed and bursting a notorious kidnapping syndicate based in Nkporo community in Ohafia, Abia State.

Woman Caught Stealing Ring Off Dead Grandmother's Finger at Funeral Home

It appears that nothing is sacred for a Texas thief who police say was caught on camera stealing jewelry from a dead woman. Surveillance shows an unscrupulous theft of what police say is a ring from the finger of a deceased woman in her coffin. The female suspect stole the ring before fleeing in a red or maroon Saturn, police said in a statement. Police in Odessa confirmed to InsideEdition.com reports that the dead woman was 88-year-old Lois Hicks.

Two inquiries into fighter's death after MMA event in capital

Portuguese MMA fighter Joao Carvalho (right) during the fight against Charlie Ward. Photo: Dave Fogart. Photo: Dave Fogarty
Portuguese MMA fighter Joao Carvalho (right) during the fight against Charlie Ward. Photo: Dave Fogart. Photo: Dave Fogarty
Two separate investigations into the death of MMA fighter Joao Carvalho are under way today.

Gospel singer invited by pastor found dead in hotel

A female gospel singer, Yvonne Omoarebokhae, has been found dead in a hotel in Benin, the Edo State capital.

China offers Nigeria $6bn infrastructure loan

…Agrees currency swap with Nigeria to strengthen Naira 

THE Federal Government yesterday said it has received provisional $6billion loan offer from China to fund infrastructure projects across the country.

Senators barred from commenting on budget

THE leadership of the Senate has placed a ‘shut up’ order on its members in apparent move to douse the outrage sparked by the exclusion of the N60 billion Lagos-Calabar Rail Line Project from the N6.06 trillion 2016 budget.


Although men are the ones who are known to want to spend more time in bed, women also want to have a bit of fun in the sack with their significant other. From kissing to a bit of

Ajimobi okays death sentence for kidnappers in Oyo State

The Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi, has signed into law the kidnapping prohibition bill, which makes kidnapping a capital offence in the state.
The new law states that kidnapping has become a serious offence in the state which attracts maximum punishment of death sentence in the event of the death of a kidnap victim while in the custody of the abductors.

Land grabbers exhume, escape with 14-year corpse

Some suspected land grabbers have invaded a house on Popoola Street in the Bariga area of Lagos State, exhuming the corpse of a man, who was buried 14 years ago.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the corpse, which was identified as that of Alhaji Liadi Okeshola, was dug out on March 8, 2015, and had yet to be found, which had thrown the children and other family members into confusion.

N400m paid to Metuh on Jonathan’s order –Witness

The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Olisa Metuh, on Monday opened his defence before a Federal High Court in Abuja, where he is being prosecuted for money laundering and charges bordering on the N400m he received from the Office of the National Security Adviser.