28 Sep 2016

See the bride who receives a brand new car at her traditional wedding..photo

 A lucky bride was presented with a brand new car by her man during the traditional marriage which took place over the weekend. Congrats to the couple! See more photos...

Wow! Young Nigerian girl scored A1 in all WAEC subjects and gets scholarship up to Ph.D level..photo

Beautiful Miss Faizal Abu bakar Sani, 17, a former student of Olumawu School, Abuja, is a focused young girl. When she was writing her West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination, few months ago, little did she know that the examination would earn her a scholarship to study any course of her choice in any university in the world of her choosing.
As fortune smiles on her, Faizal’s scholarship as stated by Kano State Government, where she hails from, will know no bounds, as it covers university education in any foreign country to whatever level she wants.

Faizal, who was celebrated by her alma-mater, Olumawu School, Abuja; had nine A1 in the May/June 2016 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). She had A1 in English Language, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Studies, Civic Education and Marketing. The result was adjudged by her school and Kano State government as the best ever in the state.

Famous universities
Faizal who spoke with Vanguard said: "I will like to study Medicine in any of the famous universities abroad. Meanwhile, I have been offered admission by at least seven universities in the United Kingdom and one university in Egypt, to study medicine.’’

On her reading habit, Faizal said: "I have no specific study hour because most times I study until I get tired and often fall asleep.”

She added that, “My mother contributed greatly to my academic success, because she encourages and grooms me. My father is a businessman who paid my school fees.’’

On the early marriage in the north, as opposed to education for some girls, Faizal mum said:
"I do not have a problem with early marriage if the girl is already matured. The important thing is that whoever is getting married should be focused.”

She continued, "Even though I got married at an early age, I knew where I wanted to be and education was my primary focus. I achieved a lot in education. I might not have been an A1 student like her (my daughter), but I was good in many courses in school.”

Lobatan! This angry brother beheads man who raped his sister and takes the head to the police station...photo

According to the Thai online user who posted the photos on September 25th, a man allegedly killed and beheaded his sister's alleged rapist...and went to report himself at the police station, carrying the murder victim's head. 

See the graphic photos below...

Upadate! Contractor of poorly constructed road In Itokin-Ikorodu, summoned by Lagos assembly...

Lagos State House of Assembly has reportedly summoned DHV Nigeria Limited, the construction company that handled the Federal Low Cost Bye Pass Itokun road in Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area, Lagos. There was a report yesterday that the road, commissioned just last week, has already started deteriorating. 

The newly constructed road is part of 114 roads constructed across the 20 local governments and 37 local council development areas in the State.

Tragic! Petrol tanker exploded and burnt some people badly...graphic photos

About six people were killed, with some of them burnt beyond recognition, after a petrol tanker driver lost control and rammed into a stationed tricycle with its driver and passengers in it, at Calabar Itu expressway at Obong junction Akwa Ibom at about 7pm on September 26th. 
The tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep, went up in flames, burning all the occupants. See the graphic photos below...

Nollywood actor, Kalu Ikeagwu releases statement on his arrest by the Nigerian Police for robbery

Image result for recent images of Kalu Ikeagwu
Yesterday, news broke that actor Kalu Ikeagwu was arrested by the police following a robbery and homicide case. He has released a statement stating what exactly happened. Read that below
Just to clear the air, I have this to say. I was literally abducted at gunpoint by earring wearing men purported to be policemen (they were five) in an unmarked Hiace bus with civilian number plates and fake identity cards. They first claimed to be working on an abduction Abuja case which changed to a robbery case, all while in transit.
 Even on getting to the police station I was not allowed to go in to the premises but was held outside . I repeatedly asked to go into the station where I'd feel safer to ask whatever questions that were burning in my mind regarding my traumatic experience. It did not happen. Instead they told me a phone used for a kidnap was being sought for,later the story changed to robbery then back to kidnap. 

As I write this piece I have not written any police statement in any police station which strikes me as very odd. I'm still wondering why I was molested and kidnapped just because a purported phone no was supposedly tracked to phone. Why would they have to harass me when they already had details of the buyer and seller of the phone? In a legitimate situation,the seller of the stolen phone should be the key witness in this investigation, but in this case the police are till now very reluctant to meet the seller.
I know there are mysteries I need to unravel in this case and I will try to get answers to them. It's so pathetic that one can get bad publicity from Nigerian media just because they're so much in a hurry to copy that they forget the importance of confirmation from all the parties involved. Publishing a story based solely on a neighbour's account isn't true journalism, that's pure gossip and slander.
We need real facts from the media and we need protection from the police and not molestation.
#enoughsaid #policebrutality #thuggeryinaction #nigerianmedia
#gossipistoxic #nigerianpothere

Photo of Mauritius goalkeeper, Leopold arrested after police find 22 doses of heroin in his house

Mauritius international goalkeeper, Joseph Kinsley Steward Leopold who was part of the country's team at the last Africa Cup of Nations qualifying campaign has been arrested by the Mauritius' Anti-drug Smuggling Police Unit after they found 22 doses of heroin,  razor blades, scales and materials used to package drugs in his Port Louis home.

According to the BBC, the police has been tracking Leopold, 27, for some time now while also gathering enough intelligence reports before they could swoop on him. Upon his arrest, some individuals around his home tried to stop the Anti Drug Smuggling unit (ADSU) from taking the player into police custody but he's now in police custody and has been charged with Drug dealing.

Leopold is the goalkeeper for Mauritius Professional Football League champions team ASPL 2000 and helped them win the Charity Shield on Saturday on Rodrigues Island where they beat Pamplemousses SC 1-0.

Senate President Bukola Saraki and deputy, Ike Ekweremadu back in court over forgery...photo

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu are back in court over their alleged involvement in the forgery of Senate Standing Rules, 2015. Their trial resumed today after Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Abuja High Court at Apo, on July 11 adjourned it due to the Judiciary's annual vacation. Saraki and Ekweremadu are alleged to have masterminded the usage of the said bogus Standing Rules for the June 9, 2015, election, through which they both took over the leadership of the Senate. 

More photos below...

Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

Donald Trump vows to hit Hillary Clinton harder in the next Presidential debate

Republican Donald Trump has vowed to hit rival Democrat Hillary Clinton harder in the next US presidential debate after she put him on the defensive by accusing him of being racist, sexist and a tax dodger during their first match up.

Mr Trump, making his first run for public office, praised himself for not attacking Mrs Clinton about the marital infidelity of her husband, former president Bill Clinton, during the debate at Hofstra University.

But he said in a morning interview with Fox News he may take up the attack line going forward.

"I may hit her harder in certain ways," Mr Trump said. He added that when Mrs Clinton criticized him for his treatment of women, he resisted.

"I was going to hit her with her husband's women. And I decided I shouldn't do it because her daughter was in the room," he said. Mrs Clinton brushed off Mr Trump's promise, saying: "He can run his campaign however he chooses."

Pastor accuses Lagos Hospital of removing wife’s womb and damaging bladder during childbirth...photo

A pastor with a Pentecostal ministry, Chinedu Rockson, has accused the management of Ilogbo Central Hospital in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos State of removing his wife’s womb and damaging her bladder during childbirth.

Chinedu said the hospital also detained his wife over the payment of N50,000, adding that efforts to clear the bill had been frustrated by the hospital.

Punch Metro learnt that Chinedu’s wife, Chinansa, had been referred to the hospital on August 26, 2016, after she could not be delivered of the baby at the hospital where she had her antenatal care.

The hospital reportedly commenced a caesarean section on the 42-year-old after her husband signed some documents to perfect the terms.

Chinedu explained that some hours into the operation, he was called into the theatre to sign another document, adding that nobody told him it was for the removal of his wife’s womb.

He said, “They charged N200, 000 for the operation and we negotiated for N150,000. I paid a deposit of N30,000 and they started the operation.

“They asked me to sign some papers, which I did. Some hours later, a surgeon said there had been complications and I would need to sign another document. He didn’t tell me what I was signing for or the implications. Because I was in a haste to get my wife saved, I signed the document.

“After some time, they brought out my wife from the theatre with a pipe attached to her bladder. We became worried when we discovered that few days afterwards, they didn’t remove the pipe.

“After a week, they said I should come and clear my bill of N50,000 so they could discharge her. I called a senior pastor, who presented them with a cheque. But they said they would keep her for the two weeks that the cheque would be ready to be cashed.”

Punch Metro gathered that a sister-in-law, who visited the victim at the hospital, asked the management why the pipe had yet to be removed.

The hospital was said to have opened up that Chinansa’s womb had been removed and her bladder damaged.

“They said she cannot control her urine without the pipe. That was when I realised what had happened,” Chinedu said.

The pastor lamented that his wife’s medical condition had worsened, adding that he could neither afford the hospital bill nor take her back home in her present condition.

It was learnt that the couple, who are indigenes of Anambra State, married in 2002 and had four children, including the newborn baby.

Lawyer to the Rockson family, Chris Ogbedeneto, in a petition to the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, called for an investigation into the case.

He said, “Why should there be a second signing? They scared the husband with the sight of his wife in a pool of blood and did not let him know what he was signing for. What is the relationship between the womb and the bladder and why does the hospital’s director now want to discharge the woman when it is obvious that her life is in danger?

“The doctor’s action can breach the peace of the community if urgent actions are not taken. Our client feels debased and suffers a mental and psychological trauma on realising that the wife’s womb has been cut off and the bladder affected without his consent and his wife cannot control her urine anymore.”

The hospital, in its reaction, denied any wrong doing in the matter, saying Chinansa was in a bad shape when she was admitted. A director at the hospital, Dr Femi Obileyi, said the mother of four could have died but for the quick intervention of the hospital.

He said, “We are known for standard in the area where we operate and that is why we enjoy a lot of patronage. The woman in question had been mismanaged ab initio. She burst her womb in the first hospital where she registered. They pressed her womb to force the baby out and that action ruptured the womb. When she was brought to us, she was bleeding because the labour had become obstructed.

We discovered that to save her life, we would need to do a surgery. At surgery, we discovered that her uterus had burst, which had also affected her bladder. We first stopped the bleeding and then made some repairs. It was after all these that we discovered she could not control her urine.

“When they came to us, they had issues with money, which we didn’t allow to be a barrier. We admitted her and did everything possible to save her life. We can’t imagine that after saving her life, the family will turn around to fight us.

“The man was called in when the attempts to repair the womb proved abortive. He was informed that the tear was serious and we had to save her life. We did that to carry him along, and he gave his consent.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said she would get back to Punch on the case, but she had yet to do so as of press time.

Former President Obasanjo supports sale of National assets...

Image result for images of obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday threw his backings on the proposed sale of national assets but said the problem was in the coinage.

Obasanjo said this in Abeokuta at the opening ceremony of the National Council On Finance and Economic Development Conference (NACOFED).

The theme of the conference is “Enhancing Revenue Generation and Obtaining Best Value for Money in Expenditure”.

According to Obasanjo, “We must begin to do away with things that we can do without and if we must import them, let them attract very high duties,” he said.

Obasanjo who backed the call for the sale of some national assets to raise money, described such act as natural. The former president said port authorities and Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) were part of assets that Nigeria could partly sell to generate fund.

“I do not see why 49 per cent of NNPC cannot be privatised. “I think the problem is in the coinage

“selling of asset” as if we want to throw out our inheritance. “What we are actually doing by that is simply re-organising.

“It should however be done transparently and let it actually go public and not to cabals, relations and friends.

“This is always the fear of Nigerians when issues like this arise,” he said.

Sad! Rhythm FM's DJ Midas has passed away...photo

He died yesterday after a brief illness according to friends. His real names are Michael Adedoyin and he joined Rhythm FM in 1998 as a pioneer and regular DJ host. 

May his beautiful soul rest in peace... so sad to hear.

Omg! Watch video of man 'masturbating' this morning at CMS bus stop, Lagos

An Instagram user, Halid Rasak, shared the video showing this man publicly masturbating at CMS bus stop in Lagos this morning and completely oblivious to being recorded. He is clearly a sick man carrying out this horrible act in broad day light.
Watch the video after the cut...

Wahala dey o! Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo blasts popular blogger Linda Ikeji on her bithday...


They think i'm jealous of her each time i expose her, well this is my birthday message to her...read below...

Dear Linda, i saw your interview in Today's Woman and your birthday Twitter video. Darling you are not 36 yo and there is no reason to fool your fans. Age is nothing but a number. People who meet me think i am 35 when i'm actually 52. I look that young. Your life is now catching up with you. There is KARMA now filtering in. Linda what does it feel like telling a magazine you never got over Dan Foster? How does it feel to be engaged to someone you love and 3 weeks to the wedding it's cancelled, wasting Aso Ebi, cow money and even the venue deposit all gone. This is what you did to my niece Adeola Olunloyo. Some people heard of this already in 2006 (Global Excellence and City People) 2013 on my Panadol headache audio which i attached below and also in March 2016 in my Pulse TV interview exposing many celebrities including you.

Why do i stress so much on this sad incident? I am constantly watching how your life is going when two people are in love and a 'model' ruins their wedding 3 weeks to the day and elderly family members keep asking you what or who a 'model' is? You wrecked so many relationships in your lifetime. Uche Pedro (who forgave you) at Bella Naija vs D'Banj, Deola Olunloyo vs Dan Foster wedding in 2006 and more. Journalist and Professional Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus told me every single relationship you wrecked and you know them, but nothing hurts more than ruining my niece's wedding. So now you are telling the world that you have blogged so much that you forgot your biological clock is ticking. You are now desperate for 'regular sex' like you are some hoe. That can be easily achieved on Allen Avenue or as 'Madam' in your Banana mansion. 

You want a man and a bunch of kids, Karma is now biting you. I'm enjoying my two successful adult children, loving motherhood and single and happy. I don't need a husband, a husband need ME. Take my advice, at 42 yo, i don't know how you are going to start a family instantly. You may find a gold digger who wants to spend your money like Maje Ayida and TeeBillz types. Just ask Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage are now single lovely ladies. My advice to you young lady is not to rush shit and accept your mistakes. Deola  Olunloyo has moved on, Dan Foster has a lovely family and you are alone, single and desperate telling your friends to introduce you to single guys. I was shocked reading this. Your fans kept quiet about your desperation. They are illiterates anyway. No guy is single in  Nigeria these days Linda. You are gonna be the second, third wife or the mistress. Kneel down and ask God for forgiveness, give Jennifer Aniston a call for advice and listen to my 2013 audio attached. Money can buy a Banana, Pear or Strawberry Island mansion but CANNOT buy a husband and kids. Good luck Linda, you have no blogger awards yet like Uche Pedro, Omojuwa and Ben Kirithi. Hope you get that MAMA2016 award and a Happy 42nd birthday! 

Kemi Omololu-Olunlyo

See how fraudsters are duping people on Instagram...photo

This is a chat with a FRAUD instagram page (@ladies_top_favourite_store).. They have ripped many people off.. So decided to take the fools for a ride.

They are so many of them on instagram...

All the above stores are confirmed FRAUDS.. You can check out @naijaonlinestorepolice on instagram to see peoples complaints.
And so many more, they are always changing their name. People need to be more careful when buying online. They claim WORLDWIDE delivery so they even defraud people abroad.

Here are some of my chat with them and below is the receipt i sent after which they disappeared and stopped chatting with me... Imagine if i had really sent them money.. I would be crying now..
They always change their name so people should beware and be cautious. These people take pride in defrauding people on a daily basis.

Woman who defrauded footballer Osaze Odemwingie and others jailed...photo

A bogus lifestyle guru who stole more than £130,000 from Premier League footballers , a top manager and two millionaire businessmen has been jailed for three years and eight months.

Claire Liddle, 41, conned wealthy clients including Stoke City frontman Osaze Peter Odemwingie , Liverpool defender Andre Wisdom and former Celtic boss Tony Mowbray by offering to organise their luxury holidays.

She was originally spared jail after admitting the £82,000 scam in 2014 but went on to steal another £22,000 from the chairman of telecommunications giant Lebara and £33,000 from the boss of sales solutions firm Flixmedia.

Liddle "frittered away" the money on presents for herself including alcohol and a Rolex watch, the Old Bailey heard.

She wept as she was sentenced to 12 months for the first fraud on the footballers, and 16 months consecutive on each of the other two scams, making a total of 44 months.

Photo of one of the women who survived Boko Haram insurgency names her baby Kimar meaning 'Survivor'

Maryam Babagana delivered her baby boy at UNICEF clinic in Dalori internally displaced persons camp in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Because of what she has been through, she named him Kimar which means 'survivor' in Kanuri language. Maryam immediately put him to breast vowing to exclusively breastfeed Kimar for 6 months.  "I am determined to breastfeed my child with breast milk only" - Source: UNICEF Nigeria

This kidnapper was caught trying to steal this child in Benue state...photo

A suspected member of a kidnapping gang was nabbed yesterday in Aliade, Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State by men of the Gwer East Community Joint Task Force (CJTF)

According to eyewitnesses account who spoke to IPNthe suspect identified as one Aondolumum Nyimkaan, went into Mt.St. Michael’s Nursery and Primary School, Aliade, and snatched the child, Msendo Liamuza.

Some members of the community saw the suspect attempting to flee through the bush and alerted the CJTF who later arrested him in the bush. On interrogation, the suspect confessed to having successfully kidnapped children in Igbor of Gwer East and Gboko Local Governments of Benue State.

A member of the CJTF team, while applauding members of the community and Mt. St. Michael school for their efforts towards the arrest, urged parents and staff schools in Benue State to be more vigilant and watchful over their children, wards and pupils.

Photo of Ex-Naval Chief and three others arraigned over alleged N600m fraud

Former Chief of Naval Staff (CONS) during the last administration, Vice Admiral Usman O. Jibrin, was yesterday arraigned before a Federal High Court in Abuja over alleged N600million fraud. Jibrin was arraigned alongside Rear Admiral Bala Mshelia (rtd), Rear Admiral Shehu Ahmadu (rtd) and a firm, Habour Bay International Limited on a 4-count charge bordering on criminal conspiracy filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

According to the antigraft agency, the accused persons while in office, bought a house worth N600million from the account of Naval Engineering Services without the said purchase contract being captured in the budget. Investigations by the EFCC showed that the documentation for transfer of ownership of the property was done such that a private company owned by the family of the first defendant (Vice Admiral Jubrin) became the buyer.

This according to EFCC is in contravention of Section 26 (1) (b) and punishable under Section 22 (4) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offence Act 2000. The accused all pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to them. Their bail application will be heard today by the ‎ trial judge, Justice A. S. Umar.