12 Jun 2019

Thief caught while trying to steal snails from a farm

Thief caught while trying to steal snails from a farmBelow is a picture of a thief caught stealing snails at a farm. This was shared by one of the farm workers who is annoyed at the fact that their effort was almost carted away by the thief According to the farm workers who shared the below post on Instagram, the thief would have gotten away with the act if it wasn’t for their manager who was around.

He wrote:

I am not happy at all
So yesterday, we caught a thief on the farm  He scaled through our high fence to steal our snails in the free range section
Sundays are resting days for us and the boys are allowed to flex and have fun. Thank God for our farm manager that was still inside the lodge

Unfortunately, only the farm manager couldn’t teach him a “lesson” before the community elders came to intervene  the thief is “a son of the soil”

But what do you think we should have done for him? Beat him up? Or hand him over to the police?
Come and advice me please  because it’s still paining me how can somebody come and steal another person’s “hardwork”

What should we do to him?

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