Fruit seller spotted wearing suit in Yola, discloses his reason for doing so..

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Fruit Seller Spotted Wearing SuitA Fruit Seller has been appluaded on Social Media, after photos of him donning a suit was shared. His reasons for wearing suits for his business, also tickled the fancy of Social Media users.
Fruit Seller Spotted Wearing SuitA Facebook user, Bernard Kaigama shared the photos of the fruit seller he met in Yola, and also disclosed his reasons for dressing in such a corporate manner.
He wrote:
“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them… This man is a fruit seller in Yola Nigeria around roundabout Mai Doki. I asked him, why dress like this? He replied, “anytime I go to the Bank for transaction I do admire the way the bankers dress, so this is my office and since I don’t have the hope of being a banker one-day… let me also dress like one. Anytime I dress like this it makes me to also have a sense of importance”
Fruit Seller Spotted Wearing Suit
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