‘Why My Second Marriage Did Not Work Out’ Actress Shan George


Nollywood actress Shan George has opened up on the crash of her second marriage.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Shan George opined she has never had any terrible love experiences but has been married twice, the father of her children and her second husband.

According to Shan George, her second marriage did not work out because of a couple of things and her husband lived in England while she lived in Nigeria.

Shan George added that their location served as a gap between them, and because of that, they both went their separate ways.

In her words: On whether she has had any terrible love experiences, she said, “I have never really had that kind of experience. I have been married twice. (Marriage to) my first husband, who is the father of all of my kids, and my second husband, did not work out because of a couple of things. He lived in England while I lived in Nigeria, so there was a gap. Because of that, we both went our separate ways. There were no hard feelings. Maybe when I am 60, I will find the experience I am looking for.”

 In 2020, Shan George revealed she’s ready to marry again after two failed marriages.

Announcing her engagement on Instagram, Shan George shared a photo of her engagement ring and wrote ;

“As Scared and Sceptical as I’ve been all this past years, based on unfavourable past experiences, this one seem to be just too right to be afraid of, or to Hide.

So I SAID YES!! To my best friend, my brother, partner, business associate, fellow crossrivarian, my ride or die since 1800, my available shoulder to cry on always. Let’s try again this one last time. It’s never too late. Yes, I Love You Too! “