“I Don’t Want Atiku & Tinubu To Fail” Okey Bakassi Defends His Presidential Choice


Comedian and actor, Okey Bakassi who is a big fan of presidential aspirant, Peter Obi has revealed why he is rooting for him.

Peter Obi stated that despite his love for Peter Obi, he doesn’t want Atiku or Tinubu to fail.

According to him, he wants Nigeria to succeed, hence his support for Peter Obi.

Okey added that if Peter Obi fix Nigeria, Buhari and Tinubu wouldn’t be going to London for medical treatment and Atiku wouldn’t have to live in Dubai.

He tweeted,

“I don’t want Atiku & Tinubu to fail. I just want Nigeria to succeed. I’ll support and vote for @PeterObi to fix Nigeria, so in their very old age, Buhari & Tinubu won’t be going to London for medical treatment and Atiku won’t live in Dubai”.

Esabod Global  news recalls this isn’t the first time, Okey Bakassi is throwing his support for Peter Obi.

Okey Bakassi recalled how he warned Nigerians during the 2015 and 2019 elections that the current president was not competent enough. But his cautions fell on deaf ears, which made him focus all his attention on Peter Obi who was the former Anambra State governor turned Presidential Aspirant.

Taking to his Instagram page, Okey Bakassi wrote: “When I was shouting in 2015 & 2019 to anyone who cared to listen that Bubu lacked the pedigree to make Nigeria better, some people refused to listen. Today Nigeria is in a mess and we are all suffering it. This 2023 election, it’s my turn not to listen to anyone…it’s PETER OBI for President! I don’t want to listen to anything that is not related to how Peter will win the election, don’t stress me with your political permutations. I can pay small attention to you, if you’re talking about other positions like National Assembly, Governor or State Assembly. I don’t want to hear about Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, etc…I don’t want to hear about Christian, Muslim or Witchcraft. If the political discussion is not about how Peter will win, I will not listen.”

Also, Months after calling on Nigerians to get their PVC to vote against bad governance in Nigeria, comedian cum actor Okey Bakassi had taken to Instagram to hail presidential aspirant, Peter Obi.

Okey Bakassi urged Nigerians to get their PVC to vote against bad governance in the country.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Okey Bakassi listed the categories of uneducated northerners who had PVC, and opined that people should stop making such statements of their votes not been valid, and if votes don’t count, politicians won’t pay or bribe those uneducated northerners to vote for them.

The entertainer shared a photo of former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, who was contesting in the 2023 presidential election and hailed him for his courage and principle, adding that he was eagerly awaiting his next move.

He wrote:

I like the substance based campaign he’s running, I admire his courage and principles….waiting for his next move”.

Okey Bakassi

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