Delta chief allegedly forced to pay bride price of dead wife before burial

Delta chief allegedly forced to pay bride price of dead wife before burial lailasnews 2A Highly placed Itsekiri chief, Thomas Ereyitomi, has reportedly gone to pay the bride price of dead wife, who was reportedly the first woman in his life, Caroline Okorodudu, just after she died.
According to Facebook user, Charles Pemu, who shared the story online, Ereyitomi and Caroline were live in lovers for many years when he was still a struggling man and had children.
Pemu in his post said immediately Ereyitomi made money and became wealthy, his taste in women upgraded and he began to go after other women. He abandoned his first love, Caroline, and later got married to another woman.Few weeks ago, Caroline died mysteriously and the Chief decided he wanted to throw her a huge burial. However, the family of the deceased said they can only allow him bury their sister if he pays her bride price.

Accroding to Pemu, the chief on Sunday November 25th, led a delegation of his family members to the home of the deceased to pay her brideprice so he can bury her as his wife. Read what Pemu wrote on Facebook below

Medicine After Death as Chief Thomas Ereyitomi finally paid bride price on the corpse of Madam Caroline Okorodudu, an honourable act that he should have done when she was alive if only he weren’t irresponsible: Note that the bride price on the death of Madam Caroline was paid on Sunday 25th November 2018, in Pa. Roger Okorodudu’s residence located at Ogiyide. I thought some of his apologetic admirers and sycophantic loyalist were attacking me by claiming he had earlier married the lady before he was bestowed upon a chieftaincy in the land? Well, Madam Caroline Okorodudu can now be addressed as Mrs Caroline Ereyitomi, a status she was denied when alive but given after her death.

Isn’t this shameful and denigrating to the Itsekiri tradition and practices that her chief had demonstrated no regard for the Itsekiri ladies which the non-Itsekiri men in the likes of Theophilus Danjuma who married Daisy and Bola Ahmed Tinubu who married Remi Otuendon had for the Itsekiri ladies? Please, if this was done to an Itsekiri by a none Itsekiri man would the Itsekiris see nothing wrong about it like some are covering up the action and wickedness of Thomas who is not just an ordinary citizen but a palace chief that should leave a responsible legacy for the Itsekiri people to follow?

How can Thomas Ereyitomi’s act be classified? Should Itsekiri call it wickedness or ignorance on Thomas Ereyitomi part for paying bride price on the corpse of Caroline Okorodudu to enable him to organise an elaborate burial ceremony which he didn’t organise for her through marriage or even birthday when she was alive? Please, is this how heartless some Itsekiri men are towards their women? Is this the tradition and culture that the palace wants us to practice since is done by one of the advisers of the current Olu Ikenwoli?

Well, it is my prayer that may this not be the portion of any Itsekiri lady ever again except the daughters and sisters of those rendering sycophantic services for Thomas in exchange for stomach infrastructural empowerment.

Itsekiris should know how heartless and wicked is this man called Thomas that the lady (Caroline Okorodudu) whose bride price has been paid on her corpse by Thomas did not deserve such humiliation, disrespect and insult melted on her person by the same man she sacrificed her all. She was the lady who stood by Thomas when Thomas had nothing to his name than being a mere street urchin and political thug, Thomas as at then was living with her in the one room given to her by her father in her father’s compound at Ekurede community where she was then selling cooked rice and beans in the morning and evening time just to feed Thomas during the days when Thomas had nothing.

But when Thomas made billions of naira to the detriment of Ugborodo Community where he represented as the trust chairman, he then went to secretly paid the pride price of one Charity who is an Urhobo lady from Abraka while he abandoned the Itsekiri Caroline Okorodudu in his house located in Ubeji Community that was built under the supervision of Ayiri Emami back in the days when Ayiri was still his loyalist.

Thomas abandoned this woman in the house for many years as he relocated his new wife Charity to his paradise home located in Lagos. Well, that shouldn’t be my business according to his loyalist because the woman in question is not my mother, sister or daughter, but how will anyone feel if she had been their sister, daughter or genuine beloved friend that her husband abandoned her and never visited her until her death but wanted people to pay him condolence that he is bereaved when we know he is actually happy as the death of the lady is another opportunity to host his campaign team?

Itsekiris should ask Chief Thomas the following questions:

(1) Why didn’t he honour the lady that has been therefore for him when he had nothing by paying her bride price while she was still alive?

(2) Why pay the bride price of a lady he later met after he has enriched himself to the detriment of Itsekiri development when he has not paid that of the first lady?

(3) Why Abandoned Caroline at his Ubeji residence but never went to visit until her death.

(4) That if he is aware that the death of Caroline could be as a result of the trauma she suffered from the fact that despite all her sacrifices, the man (Thomas) who she sacrificed so much for still humiliated her?

Can someone tell me what was Thomas retaining the lady for when he refused to pay her bride price when she was alive? Should I say for is for the mere purposes of girlfriend, baby mama or his housemaid? Mind you, I have not said so but only asked a question so I can be educated.

Itsekiris should know that it was this very year which she died that Thomas went to pay the bride price of the other woman and the irony of it was that all Thomas other women had no atom of regards for her as they kept insulting and calling names because Thomas has shown his disregards for her.

Itsekiris should know that this act of Thomas is evil as he couldn’t celebrate the lady when alive now that she is dead he is planning to organised an elaborate Burial ceremony instead of marriage party where the families and friends of the late Caroline Okorodudu would have come to jubilate with her.

Itsekiris should be informed that Thomas had a plan of burying the Itsekiri lady within a week after her death like a nobody because he wanted to rush it so he can proceed with his political campaign which seems to him as more important than the death of the woman if not for the likes of Chief Francis Ujatoli who told him that just cannot happen as he must stay at home and show the lady some respect.

This was why I mentioned in my first publication that it is hypocritical to pay him condolence as he is not touched by the death of the woman but rather happy that she has gone at last so he can face his favourite Charity woman as a wife who is now seating on the structure built by the late Caroline. Hmmm, may that Charity of a lady ask God for mercy because the late woman served a living God and the God heard her cry, for nemesis, karma and posterity cannot be influenced by man when it is time.

I want to appreciate those amongst the members of the Okorodudu families especially the likes of Hon Adige Okorodudu, George and Simeon Illuwa and the others that was bold enough to stand up to the Ereyitomi’s family sent by Thomas that their sister and daughter is not some piece of rubbish that is after she has died as result of trauma from the humiliation melted on her by Thomas, that they now want to pay her bride price which should have paid when she was still alive, for you guys proved that not everyone can be bought over with money or whatever promises but there’s nothing much you guys could do when the so-called elders of the families led by Pa.

Rogers who is the current Olaraja of Ekurede Community accepted the bride price paid on their dead sister and daughter which is so humiliating as it translate she was not good enough for bride price while alive but after she has gone.

The excuses given was that the children of the late woman pleaded and claiming they are bereaved over the loss of their beloved mother (Caroline) which is doubted by many who believed that if it’s indeed true that they really loved their mother, they would have compelled their father (Thomas) to show regard to their mother when she was still alive by doing the right thing before going to pay the bride price of Charity (the woman he later met).

But it seems unfortunate as the children were all carried away and blinded with the wealth coming from their father. Itsekiris should be informed that majority of the deceased family did not consent the proposal of Thomas coming to pay the bride price on their late sister and daughter’s corpse because he (Thomas) wanted to organise an elaborate burial ceremony for the late Caroline which he never did for her when alive by paying her bride price or celebrating her birthday.

Well, the condition given to Thomas by the those amongst the families that was patronised is that the lady must be buried in the Ubeji residence and not on her own land which Thomas accepted, but what the Okorodudu family is not aware of is that Thomas has already abandoned her at that Ubeji house long ago so that condition actually cost him nothing if compared to the heaven he gave to his Charity of a wife to live in Lagos state while Caroline suffers depression, negligence and humiliation back in Warri.The children of the late Caroline should have in mind that they become accomplices to the cause of the death of their mother if they do not deal with their father over what he did to their mother, for if supposing their father (Thomas) had shown regards to their mother (Caroline) when alive, she wouldn’t have died by now as the cause of her death could be due to trauma she suffered from the humiliation, insult, maltreatment from their father. The children should whip their tears because if they loved their mother as they are trying to show to the world, they wouldn’t have reasons to cry today as they would have protected her from the maltreatment and disrespect which their father and his other wives melted on her.

Itsekiris should know that this act of Thomas Ereyitomi is shameful and disgrace to the prestige of the kingdom of Iwere and the Itsekiri people that their chief has shown to them a legacy that the Itsekiri women that used to be regarded by other tribes should be disrespected and used as girlfriends and baby mamas when alive because the upcoming generation are expected to walk on the path created by their elders. Well, who should we blame if not the likes of Pa. Rogers who is the current Olaraja of Ekurrede Community that should know better and encourage good leadership, but went on to accept the bride price of their late daughter and sister behalf the Okorodudu’s family against the will of many.

Lastly, I’ll advise Itsekiri to ask themselves a very simple question as “Is Thomas Ereyitomi the same politician that wants Itsekiris to support his political ambition to represent the Warri Federal Constituency?

What good will a man who had no regard for the same Itsekiri woman that has been there for him be to humanity if given another opportunity to represent?

To what good will a man like Thomas Ereyitomi who robbed the developmental funds of Ugborodo people which could have provided the community with drinking water, healthcare, electricity, schools and scholarship be to Itsekiri nation and the people of the Warri Federal Constituency if supported ignorantly to represent the people at the Federal House of Rep?

A man who partook in most terror and horror against the Itsekiri nation which has caused pains in the families of the ordinary Itsekiri citizen? Well, I can only talk, expose the atrocities done against mankind but I cannot force the sense of freedom on anyone, for slavery and freedom is in the mindset.

We should know that even our Lord God Almighty has to expose the antics and scheme of Satan in order to prevent His people from becoming prey of the devil and this is exactly what I’m doing by exposing the atrocities of dealers in the likes of Thomas Ereyitomi, Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan,, Ayiri Emami, and the rest of the gangs parading as leaders, for my intention is not personal but collective as I cannot turn a blind eye, give a deaf ear and maintain a dumb lip because I do not want to be attacked, insulted, mocked or falsely and wrongly accused of something.

Conclusively, it should be made known to Chief Thomas Ereyitomi, that I’ll not be bothered over whatever accusations that will be alleged against me through his media dogs that my advocacy towards the maltreatment of the Itsekiri women which the late Madam Caroline Okorodudu who has become Mrs Ereyitomi after death became a reference in my content is politically motivated because I cited issues which correlated to leadership.

As times go by, I pray that may my advocacy which aimed at the collective protection of all be vindicated.

Charles Eyimofe (Baruch) Pemu.
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