End Time Blind Pastor KASALI makes members masturbate to make church floor sacred--Video

A controversial SCAMMER BABALAWO Nigerian man of God, Prophet Moses Kasali, is in the news again and this time, he left many people shocked after he allegedly instructed his church members to stimulate themselves to orgasm.

According to Nigeria News, Prophet Moses, the General Overseer of End Times Edidi Disciples Ministries instructed his members to masturbate and pour the semen on the floor because they will produce a sacrosanct fluid to make the church floor as sacred as heaven.

“A charismatic preacher in Ijaye Ibadan has shocked the world after he asked his members to undress in church and start masturbating until they reached orgasms.

“Church members, both males, and females, were head screaming in sexual excitement as they reached orgasms in church during masturbation. Some fell into deep sleep after the act.”

Even with the widespread condemnation that followed the act, many of his church members that are under Voodoo Edidi bondage are in support of Prophet Moses and have resorted to attacking anyone who questions the act of their General Overseer.