Mother Catches Son and Daughter Having Sex

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The stepmother of the two minors, who are teens revealed that she caught them busy in the act in the early hours of Boxing Day in the sitting room where they sleep as she was making her way to the toilet to relieve herself. In an interview last Thursday the shocked mother said her daughter (14) opened up about the sexual relationship with her brother (15) after she and her husband had thoroughly beaten the incestuous siblings. "She told us that every night after everyone had gone to sleep the two of them would have sex because her brother had proposed love to her. "She said he told her that it was natural for people who love each other to have sex. I am amazed that she fell for that because she is an intelligent girl. "But we got nothing from the brother as he refused to co-operate. He denied that he was sleeping with his sister. He even called me a liar in front of his father and said I was falsely accusing him because I hate him," she said. The stepmother, who disclosed that she and her husband had been fed up with the disgraced boy and had concurred to send him to his biological mother who stays in Pumula South high-density suburb, said she was finding it difficult to face her neighbours and friends after the embarrassing incident somehow became known through the gr*pevine. I don't know how news of what happened got out, it goes to show that walls have ears, but I can tell you that the whole family is embarrassed. When we are walking on the streets we see that people are talking about us and somehow you become paranoid and think that everyone who laughs, whispers or looks at you is talking about the sexual relationship of my son and daughter," she said. The father was not available to comment. The discredited sister told Sunday News that the incident had given her sleepless nights and destroyed her family. "My father now hates us and I can tell that he is disgusted by the way he looks at me. I am sorry for what I did and I wish I had not done it. My brother was chucked out of the house and he now lives in Pumula South with my mother," said the tearful 14-year-old. Sunday News called the disgraced brother last Friday morning and he denied that he was sleeping with his sister and vowed that he was going to make his stepmother pay for tarnishing his image. "I love my sister and my stepmother is jealous of that. She has always been on my case because I don't treat her like my mother. She is the reason my parents' marriage ended. I hate her. She is lying that I was sleeping with my sister, I can never do that because it's unnatural," he said. -
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