Former Minister of State for Defence, Chief Demola Seriki may cut the perfect picture of a very taciturn man, but he sure knows how to enjoy himself. The ever vivacious Lagos politician is one of the most outgoing Big Boys in town. His personality always elicits the attention of the public, not because his political activity is of much impact, but mainly, on account of his marital lifestyle.
Seriki is married to three women-Remi, Wosilat and Sola. Of all his wives, Wosilat, the mother of two of his children, is the most prominent. His first wife, Remi is the mother of his three eldest children, and she shuttles between Nigeria and the United States. In 2009, Seriki married his last wife, Sola, the daughter of Bisi Shaba, the popular society lady and the mother of his two youngest children

Quite interestingly, Wosilat, the younger sister of Chief Rasaq Akanni Okoya, the Are of Lagos, has been married to Seriki, twice. In between their first and second marriage to Seriki, Wosilat got married to Chief Tunde Badmus, the Oshogbo, Osun State multi-millionaire. After moving out of her matrimonial home in Oshogbo, Wosilat moved into her brother’s Oluwa Ni Sola fortress in Ajah. Till date, Wosilat maintains an eye-popping mansion within the expansive estate. Sources disclosed that Wosilat never planned to leave Badmus. But forces beyond her control necessitated that decision. Badmus’ other wives, especially, Alhaja Ganiat never welcome her with open hands and they almost froze her with their cold attitude. Moreover, Wosilat later found out that Badmus was always unwilling to dispense cash. She was still pondering on the next move to make when Seriki sauntered back into her life It was gathered after his appointment as a Minister, Seriki had sworn to win back Wosilat. And he was said to have matched his vow with a cash gift, which ran into several millions of naira. So, Wosilat left Badmus and went back to Seriki, who is her only true love. The two have remained inseparable ever since. Since he was eased out of office as a Minister, Seriki has become a more committed husband to his three wives-Remilekun, Wosilat and Solape. It is important to add that each of these women has specific roles she plays in his life. Remilekun looks after the children and the two grandchildren in the family. Wosilat assists in carrying out his social obligations and activities while Solape takes care of his other needs