2 Popular Bloggers, ABIKE JAGABAN & ESABOD End Rift

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Details Of Their Reconciliation After 3 Years 
For very many years, London celebrity blogger, Abike Jagaban and Tokunbo Esther Aboderin, the Dublin based celebrity blogger who is also popularly called Esabod, didn’t see eye-to-eye. They were like sworn enemies. Both control 2 separate Facebook groups which have been at each others throat for years. Members of the 2 groups battled themselves since 2015.
But the good news is that both women have ended their 3 years rift. Abike Jagaban’s popularity extends all over the UK, Europe and beyond. She is also well known among many celebrity women and babes in Nigeria. She has huge followership in Nigeria. It is the same with Mama Esabod. There are many women and men who usually stay glued to her, all over the world. As for Abike, that is not her real name. Though everyone calls her Abike Jagaban, we can tell you her real name is Tolulope Adeoye. She is an Ijebu big babe. She is from the Olowogaba family in Ijebu-Ode. But she lives in London with her family. She is a Model. She also promotes beauty products. Because of her pencil slim physique, a lot of companies want her to advertise their beauty products. They know that anything she advertises sells like hot cake. Her fan base is huge. She has over 100,000 followers on Facebook and over 10,000 active members. More and more people have been joining her group. Esabod also attracts large followership. To join, all interested people have to do is to search them out on Facebook, then Like and Follow their pages. Both of them have so many aliases. As for Abike, some call her Yeye Oge Abike Jagaban, some call her the Oluomo Sorosoro Gbogbo Ile Yoruba in the UK. Others call her the Queen of Cyber. She does shows on Sundays, Wednesday and Friday. Her show is a reality show on Facebook where they show their weekly activities and progress of the team. A few months back, Abike revealed how she became a blogger a few years ago. That was what made her start her group which she says champions, No To Cyber Bullying on social media. She said she launched a crusade to fight against Cyberbullying on social media. But the members of the other group have accused her of the same offence. She says she is like the defender of all those who gets attacked online by others. She takes on all those who bully other women. She talks back at them. She looks at them in the eye and replies them word for word. She comes online every day to fight them. In the last few years, her number one target had been Esabod. But that is over now. They have ended their fight. Esabod is older than her. Esabod is based in Dublin. Her group has had several faceoffs with Estabod and her group members. Last April, Abike Jagaban spoke to City People, on why she was at war with Esabod. Abike Jagaban said she became big on Social Media when she started with her No Cyber Bullying on Social Media Campaign.”We are out to stop people from being bullied, traumatized, and defamed. So, I decided to come out to defend the victims because I was once a victim as well of some groups on social media. That was what brought me to limelight anyway in 2015.” How has it been since then she was asked “It hasn’t been easy. It’s been really tough and challenging. We are still on it. We would get there. So far, so good, we are dealing with it.”
When she says she has been a victim, can she elaborate more? “Yes. I have been a victim. I once had a disagreement with this my friend. We had to exchange words on social media. We actually used the Whatsapp to exchange words. And then this particular group then feasted on some of the things I said back to my self. Then they made me a victim, and they started bullying me, saying stuff back at me, because I fought my friend that I had a disagreement with. we had to exchange words on Whatsapp. After that, this group of people, came after me, bullying me, trying to silence me, not to talk back. Suddenly they started writing bad things about me, appalling things about me, things that never happened in my life. They said my mum was bullying some people in London, some people in America. In the first place, I don’t have a Mama. My mama has been late since 2010. So, I was wondering why somebody will lie so much like this, that it was my mum that was talking on my behalf. So, I had to reply. I had to ask what’s happening? I don’t know you. Why are you mentioning me? Why are you mentioning my mum? I don’t have a mum. Then they began to blackmail me; they said they won’t stop harassing me. They actually sent a message in my inbox. They said they will continue to tell the whole world that I have done something silly to my friend. What happened between us is private. We are both friends, I see no reason why anybody should take that as personal. I told them to stop. They refused to stop.” “That was what led me to set up this group called “No Cyber Bullying Thing On Social Media” Just to fight back. I later realized that it wasn’t me alone they were doing it too. They actually have some victims in the past that they had been bullying. “But all that is history now as they have both buried the hatchet and come to terms with each other. Those who know the 2 women, especially on social media will surely know they are both hot items. Esther Tokunbo Aboderin popularly called Esabod or Ewe nation has also embraced Abike Jagaban like a sister. She is fondly referred to as Iron Lady of the Owambe clan. She is a Vlogger who reigns supreme. Her page is always filled with hours-long videos of her talking about the latest scandals, gossips, and news in the urban Yoruba community. She has racked up over a million views on a video since 2014. Her biggest battle with anyone has been that of Abike Jagaban but the rift has since been settled. Esabod hails from Ibadan and from the popular Aboderin family in Ibadan. Esabod’s graphic monologues and gossips have made her a big hit whether or not you belong to her sub-community of owambe lovers.
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