Tolulope Adeoye (Mesoro) ain’t no celebrity.

Let’s get one thing clear... Tolulope Adeoye (Mesoro) ain’t no celebrity. I remember when she had to make a speech, she was nervous. Her hands were burnt, her knuckles were so burnout and her nails were too long. It made her look like a transgender. Now fast forward when she was giving her speech. Her accent was horrible and her grammar was also poor. I could see the look 👀 on people’s face including K1 himself. Now mingling with the celebrities, nobody wanted to have anything to do with Mesoro. Iyabo Ojo, Sikiratu Sindodo, Small Doctor and many more were all happy to meet Esabod. If looks could kill... Abike would have been history by now. Her hair looks so cheap, scanty and greasy. The dress she wore looked cheap, even the cleavage she was trying to make her “ Selling Point” was outshined by beautiful Mercy Aigbe( Nollywood Actress). Now... Before Mesoro And Esabod went to K1’s Birthday Bash. Could you please let’s know if Abike had a one on one relationship with K1. Apart from seeing her at his shows, the first time he had a personal relationship was when Esabod honoured K1’s invitation. Esabod has said it time and time again, that K1 paid for her accommodation & food all on him. Mesoro, on the other hand, wasn’t given that privilege, heard she was jumping on Okada to go and eat at the local joint. You keep on pushing Esabod by saying Abike was the one who gave her the connection. I put it to you, for the very last time. Esabod said K1 called her & after inviting her. He told his Manager to call Mesoro. For 3 years now that she’s been going to Nigeria, how come it was when Esabod decided to go? Also most of Abike’s enemies... K1 always acknowledge them & that includes Jibike Olarigbigbe that Mesoro almost destroyed. You still don’t get it. Abike is no celebrity, just like am not a writer or journalist. She can’t hold any topic apart from cursing. The closest she can ever come to mingling with celebrities is that of her newfound adopted mother Bisi Shaba. Unfortunately for her, her past has come to bite her and that’s why you see no celebrity in their right mind having anything to do with Bisi Shaba ( Bisket Golden). We all know anything to do with children, you will see her because she uses them for voodoo and trafficking. The only reason she now realises Mesoro is her long lost family. Let us see pictures of her and Mesoro’s family. Till then let her continue with her “Bend Down Boutique Busines”. We are all watching... Let’s see how far you can push your Boss Mesoro. I pray she doesn’t have Concussion”. Also if anything happens to Bukola Shadare, people will come after Abike. Start praying for her, instead of encouraging her to come and scam.
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