Heartbreaking story of 3 children abandoned by both parents left to cater for themselves in Edo

A man identified as Ukaegbu Prisca has shared details of the disturbing reality of three children identified as Onyekachi Destiny, Onyekachi Rejoice, Onyekachi Joy who are all siblings and have been allegedly abandoned by their parents in Edo state.

According to Ukaegbu, who shared the exclusive with Legit.ng, the children who are currently living from hand to mouth and are aged 12 and 8 respectively were abandoned by both their parents and are left to fend for themselves in harsh condition. It was gathered that the children’s mum, who is yet to be identified, left her matrimonial home after she was caught cheating with another man by her husband.
After her exit, the man left to a small village with his last child and left the remaining three namely, Destiny, Rejoice and Joy to cater for themselves. Prisca revealed that the helpless father is unable to provide for all four of his children and visits the abandoned three weekly at Benin Auchi road by college road, Agbowanze street, Benin city, Edo state. Although he lives them with what he is able to afford, it is barely enough and the kids are left to suffer every week.
Although Ukaegbu has tried her hardest to provide for the children, she has called on well-meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of the young children especially the twin girls who are exposed to danger.