NURTW LAGOS: Why Mc Oluomo Should Be Chairman - Addey Shonubi

When we are talking about good leaders, both Mc Oluomo and Baruwa have qualities of creativity and Innovation where by they have unique ideas and turns those ideas and goals into reality, they can delegate and empower their followers by delegating tasks to their subordinates and see how they perform..Also provide them with all resources and support they need to achieve!!

Both Mc Oluomo and Baruwa honesty and integrity makes them a good leaders because they stick to their values and core beliefs.They both have confidence to be oozing, they can show some swagger and assertiveness to gain the respect of their subordinates.

To me, Mc Oluomo is suitable to be a good leader as the Chairman of NURTW without compromise,he will be very effective as a Chairman that will never compromise the change management process or higher commander..

Regardless of whether or not both Mc Oluomo and Baruwa will agree with the change or command..It is their role to inspire their team to follow.

Let’s joins hands together to support both Mc Oluomo and Baruwa as Chairman and President of NURTW who are ready to become a good leaders that know “that good news for one member of NURTW, is generally good news for the rest of their people too..