Lyft taxi passenger caught on camera violently attacking driver (Video)

Lyft passenger caught on camera violently beating driver - lailasnewsDisturbing surveillance footage shows a male passenger viciously attacking a 36-year-old Lyft taxi driver Eduardo Madiedo from the backseat during a ride to a Queens hospital.
The Lyft Taxi driver Madiedo shared the video and the ride-share company now claims that the passenger has been banned in New York while police investigate.According to the driver, Eduardo Madiedo he was “scared for his life” after dashcam video captured him being viciously attacked by a passenger in Queens.

The video which was taken by the driver’s dashboard cam on Thursday shows moment a male passenger went shirtless and started punching 36-year-old Lyft driver Eduardo Madiedo from the backseat repeatedly. The agitated passenger then spewed profanities at Madiedo and attempted to climb into the front seat before exiting the vehicle and still punched him a few times from outside the window.

Authorities said that a report has been filed with the New York Police Department and that an investigation is ongoing.

The passenger was accompanied by a woman, and for a majority of the video he is seen lying on her lap. He appears to be in pain and moans loudly multiple times throughout the 12-minute ride.

“Oh my god,” the male passenger said before the outburst. “I can’t wait in traffic anymore.”

Madiedo said the pair asked him to drive to Mount Sinai Hospital in Long Island City and the man became extremely agitated after traffic prevented him from speeding up.

“I respectfully asked him not to disrespect me, or else I would end the ride,” Madiedo said told ABC station WABC-TV. “I did my best to block it, the hits that he was throwing at me, and trying not to crash my car or hurt anybody on the street. I wear glasses, and when he punched me, he knocked my glasses off. So I was squinting and just trying to get out of a really difficult situation.”

Watch video below.