Nigerian Comedian, Seyilaw blasts people criticizing his daughter's weight

Comedian Seyilaw always replies negative comments by trolls about the weight of his healthy daughter and this morning he took to his Instagram page to address the people who leave terrible comments on her pictures, saying:
"On another note, why do people think I should stop posting my family's pictures because of some untrained and understanding deprived individuals? Some think I am angry or bitter, please I am a comedian having fun.
If you call my baby UGLY, I won't reply because BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder so their CATARACT infected eyes might not see. Tell me she is FAT, of course picture can be deceptive, but the moment you go to WEIGHT, you are calling for wrath because that can only be decided by measurement.

My baby visits the hospital monthly for check up and you think you will be the person to tell me of a danger before her doctors, abeg carry that your GUTTER SOAKAWAY smelling mouth out of here.

Now that I know my baby is a thorn in the brains of some idiots, BILLBOARDS are coming soon to celebrate her 1ST BIRTHDAY, please don't be afraid to snap beside them and post. Those who understand the gravity of what I cherish, may God cause you to enjoy greater blessings than He has given me and to those who think otherwise and feel they have derogatory opinions on my LOVELY DAUGHTER, may GOD make your wait longer and give you exactly what you see in my daughter negatively. Amen.
Have a fun filled day as I go to enjoy an Anniversary time out with my family. Stay tune for pictures tomorrow."