Incredible! Meet The 22-Year-Old Obese Woman Who Gets Paid To Eat Via Webcam (Photos)

The story has been told of the 22-year-old woman who makes money by always getting paid to eat via webcam. 

A 350lb (25st) woman who was bullied so badly for her size growing up that she had to be home-schooled has made her huge appetite her meal ticket by charging fans to watch her eat on webcam. 
Kenna Blake, 22, from Boston, Massachusetts, said she was the butt of other children's jokes growing up, with fellow pupils even making mocking videos about her weight.
But now she's having the last laugh with so-called fat admirers paying her up to $10 (£7.53) a minute, on a Tumblr feederism site, to watch her eat junk food, while she's in her underwear or naked.
Kenna found a post on feederism - a fetish eroticising eating and weight gain - while scrolling microblogging site Tumblr two years ago, and decided to start posting her own videos.
'I'm making a success of myself by getting paid to eat pizza, which I'm pretty sure is most people's dream job,' she said.  
Kenna is paid from $1 (76p) a minute by viewers for a standard video of her eating anything from watermelon to tacos, and a minimum of $50 (£38.23) to see videos of her scoffing food in the nude. 
Brunette Kenna, who wears a size 34- 36 (UK 30-32) on top and a 38 - 40 (UK 34-36) on the bottom, remembers her self-esteem taking a savage battering from teenage bullies.
She said: 'My whole life, I have dealt with a backlash over my weight. At school, things got so bad that I dropped out after my freshman year, when I was 14, to be home-schooled.
'My confidence was in tatters, but feederism has rebuilt it. I'm so happy to have found a community where being big is accepted.

'I was told by my bullies I'd never amount to anything, yet here I am, with people paying to watch me eat.' 
Kenna, who tried unsuccessfully to slim after her size was mocked, first saw the Tumblr post after working for a spell as a personal care assistant, when she finished school. 

'I'd never heard of feederism before, but I soon realised there is an entire community out there.

'Setting up my own page was just like starting a blog. I followed lots of other people, got some great tips and did my research.'
Since then, Kenna has steadily built up a fanbase of mainly men, but also some female FAs – a term in the feederism community meaning 'fat admirers.'
When she first started out, she tried to gain even more weight, but found it as stressful as her previous attempts to slim.
So, she vowed to stop trying to control her size - instead staying fat and happy.
Kenna charges her viewers according to a sliding scale: $1 (0.76) per minute for standard videos; $5 (£3.82) per minute minimum for clothed custom content, or $10 (£7.65) per minute for nude custom videos, with a $50 (£38.23) minimum spend.
She has declined to reveal how much she makes from her videos in total.  
She said: 'I post around one standard video a week, as they take a while to edit properly. I try to make them at least four minutes long, but do post some shorter ones, which are cheaper.

'They are for those who do want to support me, but perhaps don't have much money.'
For her custom videos, Kenna, who also uploads footage of herself jiggling her belly, and raunchier role play content, takes requests from her fans on what to eat.
'I stick to stuff I like myself. For example, I love tacos so do Taco Tuesdays every week,' she said. 'But I am asked to eat anything and everything. Some men like to watch me eat really messy food, others like really greasy food like Chinese takeaway or pizzas.

'I even get asked to do things like eat a whole watermelon.'
As well as her feederism photos and videos, Kenna posts regular updates about her day-to-day life, so she can build a rapport with her fans.
She added: 'I do what I call "Fat Chats", where people can watch me talk about what it's like to be my size, and how society isn't always accepting.
'I also post regular things about my life to try and connect with people.

'I don't want to be all business, especially as I get a lot of other plus-sized women looking at my page so I'd love to help inspire them with positivity to feel better about themselves.'
Despite her positive outlook, Kenna has not escaped her bullies altogether, as she still finds herself being targeted by cruel online trolls.
She continued: 'Particularly on Instagram, people can be nasty. I get a lot of people tagging their friends in my photos, so they can laugh at me.

'I have grown a pretty thick skin over he years, though, so I usually just ignore and block them.
'I understand from my school days that kids can be nasty, but you hope they'll one day grow up and realise nobody deserves to be mistreated for looking different.'
Her confidence at an all-time high, Kenna has vowed to continue working in the fetish market - expanding her fanbase.
Now, she hopes by speaking out she will encourage others with fuller figures to embrace the way they look.
But she is keen to stress that the feederism community is for adults only and not somewhere younger people should be looking to for validation.
She said: 'While anyone can practice self-love at any age, I really want to point out that feederism is still a fetish, so it's for adults only and not something under 18s should be getting into.

'Still, I want to urge others out there struggling with their self-esteem to look in the mirror every day and point out one thing about themselves they like.

'Everybody is beautiful in their own way, and anybody who is mean and spiteful is just unhappy themselves, so don't take what they say to heart.

'It takes time, friends, and a good support system, but you can get there and learn to love yourself.'