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Alleluia Ministries church pastor Alph Lukau, who is said to have resurrected a man who was in a coffin during a Sunday Live service, has denied raising the man from the dead.

A video of Lukau praying for Zimbabwean national Brighton (Elliot) Moyo who was in a coffin went viral over the past few days. Even the Facebook LIVE broadcast by the church was titled “A DEAD man came back to LIFE in this service. I speak a RESURRECTION miracle in your life.”

In a statement released on Wednesday evening, Alleluia Ministries denied that its lead pastor had resurrected a Zimbabwean man.

Alleluia Ministries claimed that the mortuary vehicle, which was from Kings and Queens Funeral services, was brought to the church by Elliot Moyo’s family.

The statement says by the time the vehicle entered its premises, there was already movement inside the coffin. The church further said it did not speak with Elliot or his supposed family prior to their arrival at the church. The statement reads:
“At no stage did Pastor Alph claim that he had resurrected the person shown in the video, who was identified by his family as Elliot. From the video footage it is clearly stated that when the mortuary vehicle arrived at the Church premises there was already movement in the coffin.
“Prior to even praying for Elliot, Pastor Alph states that Elliot is in fact breathing. The facts surrounding Elliots death were presented to Pastor Alph by Elliot’s family (as seen in the video footage) and these were then reported as such,”
The church proceeds to say “during the service Pastor Alph clearly states that the extent of the miracle needs to be verified and that such verification should include interviewing Elliot’s doctor and everyone in the mortuary.”

Alph Lukau explained further in an interview with with Gauteng broadcaster PowerFM’s Power Drive host Thabiso Tema on Wednesday evening.

Lukau said he was busy with a sermon on Sunday when he was interrupted and told that a person in a coffin had been brought to the church.
“Before entering the premises of the church, the coffin began to shake, meaning the person was alive,” Lukau explained.
He said when they heard that the man in the coffin was alive, they began to pray for him, made him stand and ushered him inside the church.
When asked by the host why the man had been brought to the church in the first place, Lukau said: “I am not sure if I can make a statement that he was brought to me. We are the house of God and I’m just a pastor serving in the house of the Lord.”
Lukau said the man was brought to the church by his family, who believed that something would happen if he was prayed for.
He added that further questions about why the man was brought to the church would be better answered by the man’s family.
“I think that they brought the person to church because they believed that God had the ability to resurrect the person,” Lukau said.
The pastor seemed to dodge Tema’s questions on whether he had the ability and powers to bring a dead person back to life.
After repeated attempts by Tema, Lukau eventually said he had no ability, “except if God used me as an instrument”.
“I can safely say and clarify that I did not pray to resurrect the person, I don’t want to take that credit. Should God ask me to resurrect somebody and give me grace and the power, by faith I will try that,” said Lukau.
He added it was the first time there had been such a case at the church.
Earlier, the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Commission) said it would summon the church to explain Sunday’s incident.

However, Lukau says there is nothing for the church to explain.