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“I Was Once Disrespected Because Of My Youthful Looks”-Teju Babyface Laments


Popular comedian, Olateju Oyelakin, aka Teju Babyface, has said that he was once disrespected because of his youthful looks.

Speaking in a chat with Sunday Scoop, the host of The Teju Babyface Show said: “The last I remembered (about being disrespected because of my young looks) was around 2004 when I was cruising my first luxury car and I had a traffic altercation whereupon the misguided lady (with whom I was having the said altercation) shouted from her car that I should go and return my father’s car. I still laugh thinking about it.”

Babyface also maintained that he was not under pressure to have more kids. He said, “More kids? (laughs). No, thanks. I am confident that God is able to keep that which He has given us already to the perfect day.”

Debunking the misconception that if people were no longer in the limelight, they must be facing certain challenges. The Diamond Ring actor said, “In today’s world of snowballing media hunger and the accompanying self promotion and quest for the limelight as you have put it, the art of slowing down or taking a pause from the grind or giddy heights of stardom is relatively unheard of. In fact, one of the greatest lies of celebrity is that if one is not always in people’s faces, they would forget one. But, we have not quite forgotten Bob Marley or Fela Kuti

“The confidence to take time off is the preserve of those who have been excellent in productivity. The obscure but no less powerful truth is that if one intends to have a career that shines brighter until the end, one’s needs must take time off sometimes. It is a duty in fact. A period of absence from the limelight is often the precursor and prerequisite for greater things. Such a period actually preceded the debut of the Teju Babyface Show in 2010. While I cannot speak for anybody else, I can speak from that perspective.


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