“I Won’t Mind My Business If You Post Your Private Issues On Instagram”- Actor Ochendo


Actor, Mcsmith Ochendo has slammed people who get offended when people comment on their private issues on social media.

The outspoken Nollywood actor said he won’t mind his business as long as the issue makes it online. Ochendo noted that once people share their private issues on social media, other people will help them analyze such matters.

He made this known via a video he shared on his instagram page.

“You post something on Instagram and you are telling me to mind my business. Did you buy data for me? Or are you the owner of Instagram? Instagram is not your private enterprise. As a matter of fact, its’ our common patrimony. You expose your business on instagram and you are telling me not to help you examine it. Once you post it, we will help you. Once we post is, we will help you analyze”.

Esabod Global News recalls that back in 2021, the actor addressed entertainers, especially his colleagues who emulated Davido and posted their account details on social media to ‘catch cruise’.

He warned them not to dare spend the money donated by their fans because their mentor, Davido has given out all of his plus an extra N50 million.

Ochendo tasked them to take the money down to their villages and ensure they share it among the needy.

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